why let a gallery owner take 50-75% off the top to tell clients what my art is about.. my art speaks for itself..

         i dont do gallery shows #ArtInTheDigitalAge


                   Thanks, Gnoam

                                 that’s ‘rich’ ( as u say ) @bbc.. i say it’s loaded w/ dumb dumb boris

                             the last thing Mrs May needs on her plate is #SexDrugsAndBorisJohnson

                                                    ask boris the spider to define the word lapel .

                                             then point out the grape jelly on both of his obscenities.

               and get him a personalized license plate for his convertible TR8 that reads Marquis de Sade.


                                thanks ,,  im doing   other things here ,,  i cant be bothered.


      #InternationalCatDay PhoneTography Lesson for Freakboy Wim Wenders

              The Gaydraculan Pinch

  1. 1.click on the camera icon

  2. 2.take a great #InternationalCatDay Snap

  3. 3.view the snap by tapping the snap

  4. 4.pinch the snap with your left index and birdie finger 

  5. 5.u’ll see that the camera is viewing something live..

  6. 6.position the pinched snap..line up a louvered door w/ a porch post etc.

  7. 7.w/ ur left thumb hit the home button and finish the screen shot with your other index finger or birdie finger by hitting the power button.  (  i did it twice )

  8. 8.send em to Wim Wenders- instagram.com/ThePopeMovie for #InternationalCatDay


Coming Soon

Aug 12 2018

         im living art with a 4 Lens Polaroid ( and stravinsky’s Tango )


                                   look here, chelsea clinton..

   dont even get me started on “What color is the dress”..get it?  Hmph.

        not one paper said.. it’s two different photos.. what price is on ur amazon?

         do you see a difference of $6.66 between ur  $2.22 and my  $8.88? .. i do.

  i think that’s funny..i dont do amazon,. i’ll walk to walmart and get ur $2.22 price matched,


  “how many pleats does this tennis skirt have?”  doesnt seek division..

   that question doesnt call for subtraction... it requires simple addition!

                Fine God Spirit.


                                            UPDATE :

                                      i read jung’s red book..

                                ( and it was really fucked up )

       that’s my review. it gets a 1/2 star and only one more mention.

   ive  said it before. joseph campbell edited jungs books,  but not the red one.

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