im not sure who the ‘ trump” person is that byrne references,


but it seems      this trump person has driven  dave confused enough

to forget 25m African IDPS

& how 

to mix the vocal track in

Dog’s Mind

                  Gaydracula Himself doesnt kiss ass and is digitally remastering that vocal track. it might take a month or so...

                        im not sure why byrne thinks the hokius honkywood computers are all there is to computing.. and life..

             so in the name of mike jordans dad.. Gaydracula will now direct the film of david byrne & eno’s  lifetime.. inquire for price

         .                the tables & cameras (including the radcliffe)  have turned..  .

          perhaps this trump person byrne references is from new york..i was born in boston proper.. The Big Bean, lots of protein.

                     bbc’s gone  bonkers..smh..everyone knows their were women who were also the son on sam.. it was a team..

            Televisions’s 1977 Marquee Moon tells of all of it.. Talking Heads ‘77 ( Psycho Killer ) & their creepy 1978 album is sam .

                                                              .. #SayNoToDrugs ..


     reuters has been  anti japanese automaker for a few days..   why not put dongfeng in the headline..   hondas run great in the US.

                        ive never seen news trying to inform the reader that a subaru is bad.

                                Gaydracula’s intelectual superiority has proved to be too much for ClownNews                     


                   #RespectScience ( not hokey TEDtalks )

      im going to show my polaroid of picasso’s Mother, here


reisun    ( french )    or

reason  ( english )...... are s peaker s divided by

                                      semantics ,, the

                                      mechanics                                    of cognition,,

                                                              or both .. and

.. bill gates has suggested more than 5 books..

“everything happens for a reason” .. is one of the books, tho..

the notion that everything happens for a reason is (euro) human centric.

it’s cliche .. it says someone coming up and stepping on your toe is predestined.

but does an electron know reason or is its existence guided by an unknown (or).

ask any kid why they were late gettin home .. golly ..they’ll state a reason.


bill’s homework for the weekend is to think of the macrocosm. and

to put a new word here.-->> “everything happens for a __________ “ .

if bill wants to fill in the blank with “occurrence’ he can change a to an

japanese use rationale for the word reason..hence the hydrogen fuel cell.

do i think humans have the potential  to grow a 10lb tuna in 10 days? yes..

would bill’s ears perk up if he heard about a 10lb tuna in 10 days? yes

watch a mother or father wren feeding its young..they’re rationing to each

i consider an atom they possess more “acquired knowledge” or innate?


                          and getting back to the kid who was late..

       whats the quantity of knowledge he rations to the orders in logic?

            have you read about my idea for crypto agchem coins?

   the crypto agchem is not bitcoin-reasoning or bitcoin-rationing

          it’s to keep rural hospitals open..and much much more

bill has a rite to his faith..and crazy perlmutter has the rite to believe..

every thing happens for no sun in 22 billion yrs. they stilll can be friends

Gaydracula acknowledges bill’s somewhat complex method of formulation.




           Tweet For Grandma Jones


        ( and The Ziontological Scroll )


            march 30,1981

  im aware of why murderous

    honkywood is upset w/me.

   but cheer up, joaquin feenix

   u still get fame and fortune.

      gosh even ben stiller wants to be you :)


why not take a break from dealing w/ the apocalyptic  billionaire  computer honkywood movie  freaks


                      reply to Yoko Ono

   i did @the_24_7’s  translation, @yokoOno .

             ya. mesmerized is 6 japanese characters,

          it’s 3 novels in itself...


         razon ( spanish ) .. thnx for posting.

             im a nondividual, volved within


                      come on over for a beer, baby girl .

     it sounds like u could use a frosty mug of the suds too.

  i broke up Paul McCartney’s Violent Video Game Band. im being persecuted .




                              pearl millet



                     hermetically sealed with wings,

The Intellectual Giant of Gaydracula Himself





Who is Mary Diane, steven?”

    Put an end to Toxic Shock! #HelpSaveTheBodyDoubles








     fold out periodic table 1938