Chapter IV

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The Skipper Has Developed Feelings For Kerzis

and is finding it impossible to get Dr Hannibal Pinker & Buffalo Billinda’s  Eno  to Stop Tweeting  For Godot

2018 Noble Prize Winner For  Computing

(Unabashedly Sponsored by The Gaydracula Foundation and totally unaffiliated with Amazon Prime)

WINNER .. Qualtaq ..  ( a Gaytech Parent Company ) looks to be the only western tech (and western literary/philosophical/art) giant  that china likes.#RFK50.

do u kno how it feels to get out of bed every morning knowing west coast america hates u and seeing that china doesnt?  i do :)

fake news is always writing about human rights watchdogs on a fake news leash barking about no human rights in china.. smh.

Russian search engine Yandex lists things found only  @TheNewGaydraculanLibraryOfAlexandria &no t..@Qualtaq is Yandexd tho


(google gets an honorable mention for yahoo japan)

Bing Remains Unqualified Again for a Record 9th Year in a Row!

bing is way off (um HEY WINDOWS 10.. it’s tery with one R & .ORG)  yahoo japan detects the difference.

im glad jeff sessions established a religion task force..cuz bing might be discriminating against ZIONTOLOGY!

The UnitedTheStates would like to acknowledge Kleiner Perkins for taking the prudent staircase w/ nurx to end

Buffalo Bilinda’s relentless stabbings of 10s of millions of Africans w/dangerous depo provera that makes them suseptible to AIDS

Giving People AIDS or dengue in order to rush to  Genetic Mutilation  is not the answer. . it’s not progressing on #TheSafeAndHighRoadToHealth .

Buffalo Billinda’s desire to stay “one step ahead” ( as stated in the foreign affairs article ) is unacceptable.. we saw that  scammery in microsoft..

Buffalo Billinda is welcome to debate me... but their tweets exemplify how much they cant. . i’m on a different flight of stairs, and 100 levels higher.

FACT: when Dweezil chatted with Gaydracula online; he inform’d Gaydracula that The Belew Guitar isnt The Dweezil Guitar  but call’d it “Adrian’s Guitar”

Gaydracula had both of those guitars in mind when he was crafting (with a little more oomph) The Gaydraculacaster for The Aiyana Club

its time to make The UN nu..un’s DMPA-SC contributes to HIV.. it should “rapidly be replaced” ..nurx advises Xulane



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  best regards,                  

   The Grannybots


i .       

              has perlmutter fled the country toono? .ok..  but  i see recent  1 nobel peace prize fraud has                 

          InternetTzara ( Gaydracula ) Books Bob Von Dylan Dec 16, 2011. #BanKirkstallRoad #UltimateArte.

            2012.. Bob Dylan  releases a song by the name of Duquesne Whistle.. by “Robert Hunter & Dylan”..

                                                                  and @PhilosHafiz blows the whistle on le pere duchesne..

                      ‘change my way of thinking”  aka doing things for the rule of money.  not the golden rule trans- cultural ethics .

       robert hunter writes a very strange  song... he did ‘ lift lines’ in ’75... the 4 lean hounds was lifted to establish 4 winds ( or corners )

         he has a strange (and somewhat twisted) fascination with other people singing his song. does dylan... ripple is an example

           bob dylan lifting like 27 lines from a moby dick spark notes for his nobel money was awful tho.. give the cash to the redcross

       but ripple says.” if i knew the way.. i would take u home”. duquesne says “ i know exactly where youre going.. i’l lead u there myself.

        .i can see how garcia wanted to get far from having to sing the creepy hokius honkywood programming that was driving him crazy.

       people flocking en masse (to him) thinking those were jerry’s thoughts in those lyrics... they werent.. i like the way he played guitar.

         my unorthodox method of asking people to #TweetForGrandmaJones has always given the tweeter the ability to  feel what they should tweet.  

           until today, ive never seen the amazon logo that is like aleister crowley’s thelema insignia..  i could talk more about that..but

                                             the marvin gaye song ‘how sweet it is’.. is a really well written song..

                                                           if ur able think about it.. #HarmlessCycles.

        one of the guys who wrote Mr Postman wrote  the song How Sweet It Is.. marvin gaye played drums on Mr Postman


             im not saying they were responsible for their mothers sudden deaths.. but they should have stopped and realized how strange it was...


            & people on twitter ( which i left ) didnt want to talk to me about a tuba are trying to live out a prince batman movie..isnt that weird? a movie.

         they didnt want to talk about Aiyana Jones or Dengvaxia or School Shootings, Violent Video games or 25m IDPS either...  so i made a twexit..      

              prince’s philosophy was a prep school for slaughtering 10s of millions between 2009-2016. there’s no question about it..

       bring me to the bookstore cuz the prince batman movie fans just put out The Summer Reading List?  nope .get real.. they have to read my book

                      there arent ever any grandma jones looking people rubbing themselves against prince in his videos.. it’s not a surprise, really.

                after  almost 25 years of being very very sick.. ive never felt better than i do today.. i will not let mass murderers make me sick again.

             harvard can kiss my ass.. how long should the world put up with a couple of freaks from harvard who are holding the world for ransom?

                                           well.. it looks to be not more than 23 years..  im pretty much ok with the other 300,000,000 americans.


           countries have the right to defend against the armies of violent video game companies and their snipers packing poisonous jars of candy

      ol pope movie adler’s ‘news outfit’ is kind of consistent w/ buffet & bufffalo billinda’s tax exempt scams.. its kind of like reporting the sky is blue,

       what i mostly see from those trendy news outlfits is pure panic.. the truth is a nighttmare to them that they cant wake up from.. i warned ‘em .25m IDPS africa..

        big whoop.. Those Love and Rockets Druggies  were mistaken..the death of jack parsons’ oderis of hokius honkywood was a few chapters ago..

          Jimmy(PRS)Herring  hasnt practiced enough to play an Aiyana Club Gaydraculacaster  #MakingGuitarsGreatAgain


  1. -Today is For The Truth ( not more Netflix Clowns )

i’m more likey to not appreciate commercial media

Case in Pointcol needham’s bezometer read out is up this week.. Aiyana Jones’ bezometer % is down.

(prince, tom cruise, david berkowitz &scientology’s charles manson are also up this is col’s boss jeff bezos.)

but aiyana has good company in hank aaron & michael jordan being unpopular.

#JusticeForGrandmaJones  #23


                   i could trust maybe 30% of the writers at the fake news organizations.. 70% bad apples is not a good ratio (2 to 1 ) in a barrel.

          there’s this crazy news trend now  where one ridiculous news organization will cite another ridiculous news organization as if it wasnt doubly ridiculous..

            Key Analytics from The Gaydracula Foundatoin shows daniel ives from GBH Insights is quoted quite frequently at reuters..he likes “NewTV” etc

            it’s pretty simple...” no, bill gates said ‘ i think his name is RobertKennedy Jr ‘is what adler shouldve reported. start it  it from there. & voila..NEW  news.

                    “The BBC Slams “ The President Is Missing” byJames Patterson Bill Clinton ”.   -- another nervous Harry Potter Affiliate of Adler’s Team News

          it was all addressed in chapter 2 .& 3.. this is chapter 4...  adler’s make-shift news outfit  should know better.. bbc, nytimes wapost are too far gone..

           “yeah my boss & brain eno made The Long Clock.. it bongs every 10,000 years to mark the destruction of syria yemen & n africa”.. what wapost cant say


                                                                                           Gaydracula has read the  barry’s latest speech...

                           the  invoking of mandelas name to justify structures “crumbling before our eyes”. is too detached to address today..

                                                                   “ Old Structures of violence and repression and ancient hatreds”....ugh..

                   so barry & his new violent drone structures of the “market based economy”   will let yemen be a sheetrock toll booth

                         not once did barry mention the 10’s and 10’s of milions of lives lost/ ruined  since 2011. Gaydracula is too distraught to fully address it today..


            Gaydracula  cant read the Buffalo Bellinda Mantra of “lifting people out of poverty” anymore.. it reminds him too much of the 21st century human trafficking and slavetrade

                                                        the party of 1999 has been shut down,,   the 2018 Nobel Prize For Literature Has Been Canceled..

                                                          if Gaydracula needs a coat.. he wont send a servant out to get  him one., .. why?

          he doesntt think mandela had anything to do w/ syria & yemen being in ruin..if 1 person wants to knock Gaydracula’s teeth out for that,, that’s their deficiency..

                                                                 Gaydracula walks like Mandela, anywhere.. Oppressive rulers fear his analysis most..


            10s of millions. i have black eyelashes and eyebrows too.  ok, so it’s one eyebrow.. but it’s black.

      and they coordinate nicely with my well-over-a baker’s-dozen of delicious latte coffee colored teeth

          fake news has facilitated too many of Dr Hanibal Pinker & Buffalo Belindas Falsities.. thus,  i read the poems of thomas edison


        did my honoring of Gary Kildall in chapter3 spark yet another Summer Reading List that didnt include my Chap 3? .. hm ’94



                                           PhilosHafiz kNows Best -- Official Tery Now, Pinker?

                   The Academicians Said No To Buffalo Belinda’s Greed.. and Yes To America.

       my mother and i would like to thank The Academicians whom brought the huge  problem of Computer Chip Flaws to the World’s Attention

                                          the jobs and security that will be created worldwide are welcomed..         #GlobalEconomy

                          i live in a concentration camp.. if u cant tell ( i will ). im concentrated ( with essence ) concentrating.

                   im not an adherent in any way to barry & tom cruise’s honkywood orthodoxy of live die repeat..  get it?  hm..

                                             the son of sam anti dialogue method sucked since day 1..  only idiots apply it.

           barry can complain in south africa all he wants about how people shouldnt make judgments about others because of their religion.

            but  it wont make me invite the matricidist cannibals over for a relaxing game of glass bottle/broomstick croquet with oranges.

               im aware of the origin and lineage of all those american apocalypse cults w/ weird names.. like judgement etc..

           for the religion church of  matricidal cannibals to spout the nonsense..” oh .. u have to invite me u cant attack my freedom of religion”

            is still the dumbest argument on the internet. . when a building code says steps have to be 10 inches high.. u cant meke em 8

               yes those cults have been around for 60 years.. and so has the atom bomb... i dont need either of them in my life. 

                                   and my mom and i definately dont need them moving in next door and our doctors offices                                                                                                                             

                                                       #TweetForGrandmaJones. -   TPM                       


                                     Until sometime around 3am this morninG


i           i thought Growly  The Fastest 5 Pound Baby Raccoon of Queen Raccmaninov killed The Cat with No Name.

         Happy Friday The 13th, @OfficialTery .. #TheCatWithNoNameIsAliveTooDay


     PS. i duct taped its plate high on the table, so there’s no late night fuss or death matches around  the queens chicken feeder.

                                                   ( .and yes...dont worry... it was The Industrial Strength Duct Tape.. Black 3M .)



Are You Still Wreading?





                                       July 20th...

    Happy Birthday to Friend of Gaydracula, Jim McManus

                        and  #BlahBlahScientology

             find someone else to move in next door to..

.. like a berkshire hatthaway property is hard to figure out.

  ur narcotics anonymous is an avenue to stalk kids families.

  why would scientology choose to be in dunwoody & not the west end..?

  ok..that question was too easy. ur not in it to help addicts. ur in it for $.

               every thing yall do is like dungeons and dragons.

like the jello biafra line.. “dont hate the media.. become the media

so after a while .things arenothing but people whom assimilated to get there.

i understand L Ron’s Desire to become a Kiwanis Club.. or 4H ..etc

but  ive given many online  lectures about the perils of Facade Based Science.

fake news fake doctors & fake science doesnt do the world any benefit at all.

   a nobel prize fake winner? oh yeah.. the world has seen those now too..

  barrywas used for the color of his skin by 5ft tall west coast honkies..period.

     obviously barry isnt totally innocent at this point.. but it’s not all his fault.

  The Gaydracula Foundation  gives money to Red Cross Japan .. simple

it’s good to finish chapter 4 from about 30 feet from pinball buffett.

    where did buffett go wrong? now he’s doing bezos TV healthcare?

           bezos needs ziontology to help him overcome his short honky angst.

                                 scientology might help with some things..

      but they cant get people to beat the debilitating demons of short honky angst .

   the washington post might be asking itself..”are we allowed this obvious topic?”

   and i say..”obviously..that topic is easier to address than living in syria or yemen”

                                  even  brown barry would have to agree.


hiding w/ huge amounts of money only to say that i or 15m in need in syria dont exist

is a disease that only ziontology can eradicate,, scientology is not capable to do so..

i can teach tom cruise to cure david miscavige of short honky angst in an afternoon

then miscavige can teach  buffet & gates the secret. ..and voila,,  evolution. & taxes


               ziontology and science dont discriminate against short people..

short, avg height, & tall peeps  agree . there is no place in Ziontology or science for angst



       those ‘pneu’ violent video game leagues arent The Majors, .theyre toxic.

Gaydracula Himself plays The Gentleman’s Game. he’s highly proficient, of course..  

the people say no to “first-person-shooter” programming and yes to physical activity .

to be fair.. the guy who dressed like levey was involved in violent video game trend.

i have nothing against satanists in general..their invention of the hulahoop is formidable

did satanists invent the wheel u ask? well that’s always been a good topic of debate ..

                                                    the answer is no..

but chances are satanists had a hand in pretty much any wheel you’ll find at pepboys.

it’s never stopped me from going in pep boys. as long as they are honest,, im ok w/ em

but like any human, satanists have been known to be wrong about many things.

there’s all kinds of satanism and satanists.. i try to make learning about satanism fun. theres a type of satanism called constructive satanism  those are my favorite satanists.

im not a fan of anton levey,, tho.. he was basically the kind of satanist that would yell FIRE in a movie theater when there wasnt a fire,,  to satisfy his power trip.. now if someone wants to disrupt a movie cuz there is a fire in a movie theater..i like that kind.

               the helpful satanist is another type of satanist i get along with..

                 i wasnt raised to like the destructive or nonhelpful satanists..

so, again,  first person shooter games are not acceptable programming for society.

   a  judge stopped the 3d print out gun blueprints..that was an intelligent decision.

some kid would end up making one out of melted plastic bags and blow his hand off.

why coming to that decision needed to waste the tax payers dollars is rather odd..

when will NFL team owners sign The Grannybot Pledge instead of The Giving Pledge?

                                       hm.. let me count em... that’s curious..



  ps @HRChq .. u were fortunate not to win the election...

          & now the Clinton Foundation can fully focus on Africa


all of north africa  (& benghazi) surely was disrupted in 2012.

    thousands and thousands drowned trying to flee AFRICA

            10s of millions more were internally displaced

                 yall werent there for the yemen disaster.

                                            but the

UN should have said their PPP in 1947 was a mistake before 2011,,,

      & u did choose the UN for the email ordeal announcement ..

and to be’s UN is much better than the shell shocked group of 1947..

and not just shell shocked.. the UN resolution 181 in 1947 was decided by the likes of guatemala, peru, ecuador, uraguay, haiti , venezuela, costa rica, etc... liberia was the closest country to the middle east other than the soviet union to vote to partition palestine.

the us had immediate regrets about it.. the uk abstained from voting.

democracy isnt always the best method.. i think that’s kind of obvious..

what did most of those countries know about the middle east in 1947? not much

   that’s why i never tell the people “ get out there and register to vote”..

i tell the peeps “try a Gaydraculan Lecture. an educated populous is best”

  or try a lecture on Lobbyists,UN &  much more.

   myself,syrians,yemenis.25million african IDPs etc didnt need an epic blockbuster.

   there are ways to make valid  points  w/ out the exclamation points of destruction...


                   im proof,  Tery Of Akkad .. (and chomsky would agree.).


            israel =  russia’s manhattan

             iran   =  russia’s brooklyn .

        but maybe iran as new jersey would be a better analogy.

                                        the garden state.

  people can understand business by the 5th grade at the latest..

         im not anti  wharton,, but  a garden is more complex. 

        yes.. those 5 star michelin restaurants need a garden

                                    and back at my house ..

i got my mulberry tree grown back nicely after someone wrecked it.


& 4 yrs after translplating passiflora lutea. it’s now bearing fruit too

   i had to go to extreme lengths to protect those from the freaks.

i said no to a murderous film crew responsible for the death of

aiyana jones coming in my yard.. i pointed out why before i found out who they were.. it was an ark i built .so logic only says that the people who sought to wreck my yard were a part of the same weird & destructive entertainment biz.. i need plants and animals around to feel safe.. it was someone very very  interested in psychology.. hm.

i moved the ark to the room im staying in now. it’s a keystone goat.

                                     im the dogon chef..

        Gaydracula doesnt play world of warcraft or angry birds

                      im the artist formally renown as kersiz

yes..i can do appetizing 5star arrangements w/ pearl onion flora ( allium)

i was the only foriegner living in this town when i moved here 20yrs ago. foriegner was someone from 100 miles away it’s 2000 mi.

     i was here long before stipe wanted to redo the hotel downtown..

   those american pop stars like dylan and stipe want to be Gaydracula..

     those two turned this laid back town into clearwater florida.. smh it wasnt fair to the locals. opening a 5,000 acre farm wouldve been better.

   i know what was spent on the hotel.. and where the money came from

                the hotel was terrible economic move.. for everbody.

         prince stipe and dylan go to washington,, what a freak show..


         i’ll tell u waht.. if tom cruise wants to come over,, he can.. ok?

   i will give tom cruise a tour of my home and post it to youtube.. ok?

i havent done anything on youtube, instagram or facebook for years.

               i dont even tweet anymore.. i only read all that stuff now.

but im going to show some  PrincessGaydracula today to TheChurch of

    JoaquinPhoenix and the bezometers to let them get ready for #PoeDay

   ok.. great..problem solved..  i will return to all of that with tom cruise

  bezos and the church of joaquin phoenix can watch it there like normal people do.

  and then bezos and joaquin can come back down to earth and do youtube videos..

                              if they need help with it.. i can show them how..

and if anyone else wants to run their own media empire.. well.. they can come over

with tom cruise.. cuz i dont check email, do social media.. or even answer the phone.

                                  well.. i answer the phone if it’s my mom.

    she wouldnt let me play golf with roger waters of pink floyd when i was a kid..

           how long did it take me to get over that?.. a few minutes at most









             The US - EU Trade War Ends in a Lovely Truce!

it’s looking good for the Kawasaki 15hp LNG Powered Spinoza Dogon Coupe

  who can forget the Ford Taurus w/  the aluminium Yamaha v6?

                      bibi .. (#1 CNG car in india, suzuki..)

        im calling out a man that should be kicked off youtube

bibi thinks the only way “everybody wins” is for the iranian people

      to overthrow their government to play israel in soccer..

     ya, i kno.. i havent seen or read a more awful idea this year..

in all of youtube instagram twitter etc etc. bibi’s terrible idea wont be beat in awfulness.

      the world cup stadium in russia is empty at the moment..

have a match there next week so everyone doesnt have to go thru another syria  or

north african arab spring which made playing soccer nearly impossible for people..


      bibi is  the only world leader who can wake up every morning

             and tell the world he’s a racist and get away with it ..

   he uses the im netflix-rich-and-youre-not method of provocation.

        israel has some great products.. but iran should be able to

sell their products (be it concrete etc etc etc) to syria w/out bibi’s oversight

   and bibi can sell his tech to princess william and princess kate.

            i will still buy  canned kroger brand israeli grapefruit.

       i kno not to serve it in a shoe to my japanese art buddies..

and the great people of israel will applaud Gaydracula once again.

                  “assad must go” -   barry 2011, ’13, ’15


   spurring and sparking a path to innovation.. they claimed.

         an arab spring.. but dont confuse that with the soap.

                                       exactly here


    back away from the capote & pinker books and step towards reality,


     ( 20% of the american population 1% of the worlds population)

ive never voted.. why should 65 million americans who voted for obama

in 2012 have to wake up & look at syria and say i voted for that.. they shouldnt.

     i feel sympathy for ‘em because of the position they have been put in.   

  ive never voted.. and that doesnt mean i dont like democracy. i participate

  dr hannibal pinker and buffalo billinda arent intelligent enough to debate me...

                                                                    Lovely Always,

                                                                     tery mcmanus

                                                                   ( tery of akkad )



The 2018 Nobel Prize For Literature has been canceled



     incarnata and Lutea Combo

  Passion Flower Fruits on Cedar

               NOT FOR SALE

but stop by with Tom Cruise

  for seeds to grow your own



        allium in a

    soap dispenser

..    Not For Sale



   #        TweetForGodotAndGrandmaJones

                                   Thanks, Gnoam