Chapter III

Chapter III


   from the mire to this ardently arbored field of allure,

how long shall The Bezometers bestow a conflicted angst

  to  GrandmaJones & OfficialTery vs Halo’s Cortana & Alexa?


plz pass This Reminder from The Educationally Factual Sciences to the depo provera freaks of billinda & their phantasmagorical bbc. if billinda thinks that reminder is too high quality for s.hawking reuters .. send it to satya nadella and see what he says.( if he can )

                 im only as invasive as this page.. why are you here, billinda? this page is to my friends  @OfficialTery & @Kerzis..

                                                                                                    where was i,, oh yeah..

    theres a big difference between using a phrase out of the book of romans compared to making isaiah 17:1 a reality.  (or 19:2 etc).

                           i find it’s best and safest to uplift by using only  quotes by  those of The Gaydraculan Belief System (me)


and by my way. along w/not having netflix, a tv, or bezos prime.. i also dont have a bible or an xbox..but  i do have a few webpages.       im not totally anti-entertainment..but obviously, harvard should be shut down.., their graduates editing media are so un-educational ..

and if  they decide they want to educate as well as their sports department.. they can reopen the doors  as a tuition free public uni.




                            It’s Sabado Here, @OfficialTery & @Kerzis..    what are yall listening to?.

harvard gets one point for almost speaking out against dengvaxiz in 2016...but ending it w/cost effective nets them w/ an overall F for the report.

   it’s easy not to be surprised by  harvard’s Failing grade if yall  examine a walter reed alum’s report from 2015

  "The vaccine is even worse than an infection, because it has all different antibodies that wane over time, and the T cells from yellow fever,"   A+

    what has pinker said about the ill-intended-programming of violent video game media? ..nada.

        let’s look at bias’d again .. Sanofi Genzyme Donates Corporate Archives to Harvard Business ... ( hm.. @JudgeCrabapple has seen enough )

ok.. now lets examine IBMs odd virtual reality belief with plankton and how it plans to “tackle” it. . IBM has gone tackle mad over there on twitter

  hm.. “2/3rds of the worlds oxygen”, ibm says.. am i supposed to believe the book of revelation when it says 1/3 of the ‘ocean’s living’ will die too?

                                                     maybe IBM meant to say that the na oceans (H2Oxygen) cover 2/3rds of the earth..’.

                                    ,, the bible is closer than IBM to describing the actual plankton conditions in the artic .. odd but true. ..  .

    im not saying science needs to get on the same page as the bible.. if they did,, we’d still be traveling in rockets like my uncle did in the 1940’s..

          come to think of it.. peeps are still traveling in whoa it’s the 1940e that hasnt got beyong 1860s jules verne fiction aka reuters.

the headline feeds for bbc and reuters  are saying colbert conan and fallon are teaming up against trump’s tweets.. (but trumps twitter isnt trump)(tell @jimmyfallon, @conanobrien, @Stephenathome.@reuters @bbc, not donald trump either.. even iger knows that..ask @billgates ..)

i should take a drive today & go see my mom. and think about actual physics. .how would  billinda’s like that?. they wouldnt


IBM watson needs an overhaul. it’s not sherlock.. IBM’s watson read too much  dylan , & strange about undiscovered waters & the hydrologic cycle

then watson wants to panic earth peeps  w/claims like the earth is running out of oxygen.who’s programming IBM’s twitter, hawkings floppy disk?

    when IBM comes up with a self driving fish to eat those fossil fuel bottle caps they are tweeting about,, i will return to twitter and follow them..

                           if the moon vanishes and the waves stop crashing... i will also  rejoin twitter and follow them to give them a warm  hug bye

      who is going to tell IBM watson that it wasnt even reading bob dylan.. alexa & cortana wont.. bezos tv has too much whatever invested in that.

                                               the IBM necktie noose clergy is welcome to practice their religion.

                  until watson etc violates the first amendment w/ incitement of imminent lawless action

              why do these petty ivy leaguers think they can step into the majors with Gaydracula Hurling nonstop brilliance from the mound?

                           billinda and cortana’s violent halo religion is constitutionally unlawful,.. in many many ways.  

              did someone say i need to be on a team?.. well tell them that humanity is a team , @OfficialTery ..thanks.

           Gaydracula Gives Thanks to Einstein And Spinoza, Not a Jalopy

                   i wonder what/if -pope-movie--adler over at reuters thinks about the thematic ‘headline feeds from reuters .


    the orderis of hokius honkywood found perlmutter to be perfect to play the role of beefhearts doc at the radar station

one cant blame perlmutter,i guess.. he was given dorthy’s ruby red glass slippers to measure something in feet

       SHIONG’s LATIMES should stick w/ robert downey jr movie reviews, BBCs NASA Movie Picks is hilarious.

         say good bye to california berkley/harvard/MIT/microsoft  and shalom to scott halstead..

BUT cal berkley’s non licensing w/ riscv is near perfect.. unwavering IP claims to gen mods will lead to another dengvaxia disaster

         people like halstead couldnt improve upon the structure of dengvaxia if they wanted to because of a staunch IP format.

  hospitals ( NHS ) not being able to get to their patients records ( wanna cry ) could be partially blamed on the IP rules of yore


             “ im playing duchamp and rauschenberg in memory of gary kildall on july 11th 2018..

                                                           i dont need pseudo kibitzing aka an annoyance  from cortana” -- Gaydracula

             there are too many errors in MIT’s  ABCs  of TESS... the people need science, not another oasis song.

                                                                                        it’s not debatable,,

einstein used mainly one instrument,  his noggin of cognition.. not a flawed mirror in a  repaired space buggy.

‘perfect’ or a consistent flaw, it’d take data-sets not available by 1998 to make (more of) a correct assessment.

perlmutter should return that medal & have them emboss it properly. The Nobel Prize For Hokius Millennium Fiction

most of his prize is  based on an orderis of hokius  honkywood premise that darthvader energy is established..

billinda’s precedent of the century: establishing  a case for lawless action using halo combat evolved and a NobelPrize for HastyPhysics & Movies

it’s easy to see why didnt want to do anything sensible  about dengvaxia: they follow the law of a orderis of hokius honkywood xbox office                                                                         

Happy Birthday!... #The2018NobelPrizeForLiteratureHasBeenCanceled

       but, by golly .. go all out, the nobel prize for physics should be canceled... their eminences have turned science into a fee waybill theme park

     & not even mark cuban having an icecream at dairy queen can reverse the downward trend of brk.b & sny..

im just a guy sitting in bed on a laptop..ive never been to california..  it’d be  weird to go . .but i have no need to make it in california, obviously

    there’s a real headline in the LA Times that reads. “Praise for the new L.A Times owner’s fight agaisnt ‘fake news’.”  .. i didnt read the article.

                    there isnt a newspaper on the web that isnt a sonny & cher show...there are very few websites worth going to on the web

TEDtalkers thinking the poisoning of people is acceptable because its part of so many old plays. . a wide tributary of  shakespeare nourishes life not.

  milliband should stop and understand that the hokey silver linings playbook he is following has caused the problems nobody needs

a guy on a laptop in bed changing  the worldbank and their backing of sanofi vaccine bonds isnt a part of any play.. it’s part of my real day and life

                                                                                my time tirade was only me being the mozart i am,   @OfficialTery

          @TMBGbot is always trying to personify stuff, like time.. oh, time jumps rope.. nope.. time is a human construct for dinner reservations.  

@TMBG can come up with some pretty fun personificates, @Kerzis... why is @TMBGbot so intellectually drab?


          Gaydracula overpowers Oliver Stone

           ( to make hospitals et al safe again )

       Couplet of One

       by TeryOfAkkad

     (highly skilled migrant)



               “when a capital market return bonds them to silence,,

              im sound in my vibrationally versified portfolio of a penny” ..


  aiyana club’s tery

President of The Philippines Chapter

rough draft for Aiyana Club Quantum Qualtaq Optical Computer #ThinkOutsideTheCPU #NoToConflictMinerals

       “the way the crow flies is a different ball of decartes” -tery mcmanus  ( also a spinoza man ) #polyunique

                                             “block chain is for blockheads, @MIT/edx ... lay down ur xbox arms....

                 it’s futile to try to block/quash the scientists implementing instruments other  than ur hokius hubble

                                        i’m the Innovative CEO of Brilliant Facts ( and not a malicious minion of The Big Rip...)                       

  1. -                                                           Gaydracula , not Bonkers Movie Bibi

    bibi’s youtube channel should be suspended,,  he’s too much of an advocate of the ‘arab spring’ disasters

       can the bbc or reuters or marketwatch report on bibi’s most recent bonkers movie? no. no, they cant

   they’d rather be nervous, not being able to write about the obvious orderis of the hokius hubble and edx.

    “oh but it’s harvard.. we have to protect The Harry Potter Goblet of The Gob Goblet franchise ”... they say.

along w/ millions in africa & the middle east,, i’m not an extra in anyones movie wanting death as payment

                        today is sabado.. and so am i, . . my mousetrap turned out to be a bard owl, @kerzis


“imagine if the creator of PhET won the Nobel   Prize for the Planck-Einstein Relation.. and not the Bose-Einstein Condensate” @UnitedTheStates

It’s Time to Suspend Bonkers Movie Bibi from YouTube

                         neither Feynman or Gaydracula took the math part of the IQ test.

                         needless to say..well, i’ll tell you.. Gaydracula scored much higher.

                                                                    but rumor has it..

                                       Feynman took the math part to meet the unknown.

      google doodles let me know im online.. flattery will get immortalized in chap III

       Forbes top 3 “Richest People in The World”, prime ministers,& now google all want to ride on Gaydracula’s coat tails to kroger ..

                                bonkers movie bibi and the forbes top 3 richest people in the world wont be allowed to freeload . .

                                                                       google has been drinking..they get a ride

                                           the spontaneously generating prefix in nonuninfinite


    cloud computin promotes itself as darth those old punch card computers were exact.

    cumulus makes sense.. qumm means together, unobscured. that’s clout,, a cumulus (non commercial) source of data would be useful.what woman (or anyone) needs to be “targeted” w/ odd ads cuz she bought a few wood chisels for her offline grandpa. it’s wrong, not clout. darth computers dont need to be assuming & mining anyone buying wood chisels and computing that her daughter likes chainsaws. that person buying chisels for grandpa is now a unproductive wreck cuz darth cloud is obsessed with what it thinks is a chainsaw daughter. but shes not.  “just find the dang lowest price of a stanley wood chisel , darth cloud computer”.. is what i say.. the darth cloud is not utilitarian focused.

grandma jones & myself didnt build a nuclearbomb to set off over hiroshima. its a good timing artbomb for a better internet & those without..    the internet in general is not very beneficial for the populous.. here’s an example of an apparatus of potential utilitarian clout..   they walked in to best buy and bought a dozen truckloads of computers and wired them together to help people..will they?   the odds are yes..  i will get an internet service again when all data systems have utilitarian clout and not the  ted bundy or squeeky fromme  street cred it boasts of now .    i will utilize the computers i have to make music art etc (offline).. nearly 25 years online was a study for me. it’s like tv now     the bibi bonkers movie is the icing on the proverbial cake for my  “ Gaydracula’s Adios to The Internet July 4th  Party”.   i got a prelude and 3 chapters completed in 5yrs  at a cost of around $100 a month.

zoinks. that’s a large percentage of my take home pay.

  i generated ideas for dylans last album 2012.. but not any money for myself. so thats ok..he’s just made albums of old standards since then.       i blew the whistle on jacques hebert of duchesne.. im not an astro physicist..

                                                   but surprisingly, it’s               weird how much of it i can comprehend.         

      graviton makes sense as a theory.. neutrinos make sense as a fact..darth makes no sense to ray charles or myself.


                   its not spooky.. it’s not halloween, thus.. its not darth moving things around the background radiation

it’s possible a difference in temperature..if the thermometer on the wall says 80 .that’s just 80 where the thermom is on the wall.

   there are so many different temperatures in a room that has a thermometer on the wall that says 80.. it’s more like 70-95.

is an electron the same temperature as the proton of an atom...of course not.. they are located in two totally different places

   below absolute zero is cold cold.. it’s not mean.. it’s not emotional.. it’s cold cold.. all people are hot.. 98.7 degrees, roughly

    darth matter is right up there with clouded computing to me.. bread box computing makes all around sense as a storage unit.

            honkywood is obsesssed with darth.. i can see why.. it was invented as a fantasy.


                                 they have some work to do to admit their own darth matter as just antimatter etc.

                                                                one doesnt name a puppy 10yrs in advance

                            .                  when they find an anti-phosphorus married to an anti-carbon..

                                                                     they should name it anti phosphorbon.

                                                                    i think they watched too much Lion King

    the 2011 nobel prize for physics was nothing more  than “Darth: Return of The Broken Mirror

one could actually study bosons fermions etc,, it takes science... darth matter lacks science and patience

two nondisputable returns (14 days apart, oddly enough) for the bose einstein condensate earned  the 2001 nobel..

     weiman said he made PhET with the prize money that “fell from the sky”.. that’s rather humorous ( and noble )

in the 2011 winners defense.. one guy who couldnt figure out why he won said it must have been that their claims were so close together

  the 2011 nobel was more about a figurative poem for Moving Forward®,, not categoric physics..that’s how bill should learn break it down

        why would i want to wait 90 years to tell the 2011 nobel prize winner for physics why they won? i wouldnt.. they’d be gone.

        to not tell them wouldnt be a betterment to  the scientific communty, philosophy community or the phillipines etc.. the list goes on 

The Giving Pledge Founders have some explaining to do..well bill does.. WB seems like he’s slipped off to Psycho SweetBabyJaneVille

             im sure The Giving Pledge was constituted with at least 90% imaginary darth disney matter.. 2010.. hm.

                      then CRISPr ( the hot air balloon of aviation) made a splash in 2011..edx was quick to adopt it.

                 peeps watch those shows about how MasterRace NAZIs ‘rose to power’ ,, 90 yrs after it happened.

    but i  can stay on top of the modern day NAZI crumbs today, w/out waiting 90yrs to comprehend how it went down.

it was a media blitz ,a 21st century digital version of le pere hebdo duchesne mixed w/a loud1930 nazi style speaker spin.

    but like in any st. george painting ( kandinsky comes to mind at the moment ) the evil pulp chicken of propaganda is slayed

to have to seek an nonsufficient educational refuge online because you were run out of school by a violent video gaming shooter is unacceptable

                                     i trust this letter will reach you before 90 years from now, my loves..

                                                   and if it is 90 years from now when you get this,,

did move beyond being a silkscreened tshirt & decide to educate people by teaching the necessity for Critical Thinking yet?


i wont worship a false data program..i see it as nothing more than a murdering of facts on a lcd alter that a congregation of robot buzzards fly to.

  they shouldnt get mad at me & grandma jones for interrupting a church of robot buzzards  we were only educating etc  to improve society.

                       it surely didnt make me a billionaire.. it’s easy to deduce why it wouldnt.. i dont believe in hokius honywood’s darth matter..

                              darth’s  intentionally neglectful  &hokius honkywood data sets dont honor science,, bill should understand that.

       the way you left twitter gives me strength, @OfficialTery & @Kerzis .. the GPFs arent worth being associated with.

                          it’s incredible what happens when a boy moves out of his parents house.. im living proof

                 am i too alive? i long for your response, my loves. ... i more than likely pine about it, alone. oh so alone

                       as stephen colbert  thinks that’s DJ Trump a tweetin,,  bezos & buffet have gone all captain kirk.

      when youre the only one on twitter whom can say “ that’s as dumb as the lion king” .. it’s to leave the ol twitter..

         favoring information to be included in a data set only to sell a hokius darth movie isnt what equality is about..

the color of a dreadlock on a legal pad clipboard shouldnt make a difference.. theyre all dreadlocks on a legal pad clipboard

                                     grannybot and grandma jones are one in the same.

if one types the word gravity ( lower case g ) into the world’s largest search engine, a honkywood movie is given priority... is worse..and yes, bing is the same way. i wont sit here and get all kinds of mad at sandra bullock & george clooney

      im not sure how a movie buff search engines can figure that im not online .. well, actually i am sure..

big data doesnt want to compute honkywood’s ‘top’ directors were overpowered by Gaydracula himself

  & dont even get me started about the state of denial the bbc reuters and nytimes..etc etc etc is in..smh.

      google can get mad at me all they want.. they can get in line behind the world bank and adolf bibi.

   & hopefully that will give them enough time to come up w a search engine that isnt a $2 grocery store magazine

(maybe an ol school black screen w/ bluegreen letter’d that isnt a bias’d & radio jingle based search)

  Information  Brought to You by Dancing Unicorns® isnt an acceptable form of a data repository to Gaydracula

  perhaps mr potus45 should team up Qualtaq and Fermilab for a Dewey Decimal System based search engine


    but back to the google doodle for kooky eric schmidt (who missed questioning a trivial Jeopardy® statement on twitter)

                                     who may have forgotten that trivial pursuit is a game of rote, not critical thinking        


                             Billinda’s worst fears of a reincarnated Gary Kildall have come to fruition..

       what lengths of violence and greed  will Billinda go  to try to erase the Genius of Gaydracula Himself. now that they have been featured .

                               i’d now like to thank Mr Potus45 and Congress for passing the Right to Try If Youre Gonna Die Legislation



  if theres one thing the economist is good at,, it’s furthering the absurd jazz hands of slave owner promoting psychos .


   yeah.. and this one? why not print the peer reviewed journals that were hijacked ( ex. and,) instead of defining a term.

& with that self evident title, who needs the term defined.. it’d be like the title of.. What is A Predatory Philanthropist? DUH.

          the article that vanished from was linked on the university of wisconsin’s page.. and POOF..gone..

(should Gaydracula look at today) eh..Gaydracula will get more out of looking  at some basquiat ( hehe )

to enjoy some basquiat, Gaydracula doesnt need the GMO cannabis that glue huffin is trying to sell (in the ..US)

Gaydracula has to keep a clear head to do the things he does. moving to germany( from england) to dope wont bother Gaydracula a bit.


      “What Are Predatory Academic Journals?”  The Economist propounds .. OneWordAnswer:  Billinda

              The Economist Zine should know better,, a democracy is only as strong and intelligent as its people ..                                           

   they need to be more open and learn to accept The Genus of A Gaydraculan Analysis by Gaydracula Himself. it’s not a foe review.

when a commercial search engine dependent society cant think & starts to prefer to learn about gravity from a movie house picture show,,

        Gaydracula must step in to raise the standards. #ToughLove  science first, fancy movie house picture shows later.

  bill gates and eric schmdt dont have the courage or intelligence to debate that.. is that why The Economist has become fraidy cats?

well,, the economist should  stay in their toxic & idiotic lin manuel miranda jazz hands club and stay out of the peoples grocery stores.

any gaypride marcher who says theyre marching for equality &not cruising for peeps to make whoopis w/is probably the 1person w/ the bull-horn

   walking down the middle of the street in a large group is called partying. albeit a brisk walk ,,there’s no need to call it activism.. it’s active partying..

fake news portraying a street full of gay pride party peeps into rabid hooligans w/ pitchforks may not agree.. but 99% of gay pride party peeps would

     if scarlett johannsen wants to play a trans man on stage or be  the chosen one in the furry little costume for a remake of ALF..  let her live her life

    was cate blanchet better than bob dylan at being bob dylan?.. in many ways, yeah. the busses still ran somewhat on time, the sun came up etc.

why has hiring ScarJo to act in a movie turned into a senseless high stakes bloodsport?.partially cuz  bing primarily defines gravity as a movie. smh

    “ how did you prepare for the role?”  the interviewer asks the Trans man who replaced  Scar Jo. “the hospital, it was around $250,000”  he says..

trans people? oh they are generally hilarious.. The Economist has three transgender articles today on twitter and no anti violent video game articles.

         how The Economist wasnt able to find one hilarious trans person for their tans rich  twitter feed seems nearly impossible to accomplish.


  i used to play music with  a nice & hilarious trans peep..he played the piano . he’s gone now. he’d might want to see ScarJo as an IceRoadTrucker.

   ohhhh ive learned acceptance.. ive accepted into my realm that sophistication is another form of complex stupidity,,, but The Economist hasnt ...

ive had enough of the ecomomist.. rothschild mothschild “AINT TALKIN BOUT LOVE & rothen to the core. the asimov moon tidbit was interesting.

but the “gay bashing / muslim bashing’ article was way too short.. so short that it didnt say that the gay peeps arent gay and the muslims aint muslim.

when articles are brief only to sear a brand, they dont help anybody.. it’s like they borrowed reuters AI journalist to do a Halo2 combat evolved article

                                         acceptance is just a form of complacency.. being assertive is advanced..

     sometimes the answer isnt A, B  or C.. and an assertive person will point that out so everyone isnt ssitting around wasting time on a dumb test..

people that only learn acceptance will sit there for hours and hours thinking.. WELL GOLLY.. IT HAS TO BE A, B or C.. no it assertive.

Gaydraula & Academicians across the country WARNED about the shortcomings of Billinda’s freaky Race To The Top program..The results are in.

Gaydracula & Academicians had to look no further than to cite einstein’s early school career & his world-changing ideas when he was an office clerk


early in life, Gaydracula taught me how to disrupt rooms full of money hungry robot baboons posing as intellectuals and producing utter garbage.

OneDayGaydracula will return to its planet.. &it’ll be up to people like us to teach institutions like  WorldBank, edX, NobelPrize, TheGivingPledge, etc


i am not wonder woman or forrest gump. Gaydracula doesnt need to be portrayed in hokius  honkywood’s fake news to be validated..

mr potus45 warned the great american people as a mr potus should, fake news is unbearable. #GaydraculaHasSpoken #OpenToday


         anyway..  i found some odd things in smith’s book ‘about leibniz’ ( years ago ) i tweeted about it.. i have it saved.

        i defended him to the tune of... “ i think leibniz was doing pretty good for a guy living 150 years before the bicycle”

                       i will find it for you.. i wouldnt sit here and write out-of-touch things about  albrecht durer’s rhino.

       and rabbits?,, john bundrick should be introduced as The Man on The Electric Calliope. rabbit is one strange bird .                                                                   

    oh, i almost forgot to tell yous. the lovely drum battle between tom waits’ kid and ry cooder’s kid ended in a tie, again.

i always enjoy those.. im going to listen to zappas hero ‘Gatemouth’ Brown et al on Talking Timbuktu  (while i find that leibniz tweet)

          “additionally, primary vibes, not binary jibe.”

            @DogonChef , overhauler of  microsoft’s edX..

                               “it’s all relative” @Kerzis



preface                               chapter 1                                 chapter 2

Best Regards,



                       ( WorldBankOverhauler.)