3/31: The Ex-Transient’s Homecoming Parade.

       ( the death of  jack parson’s orderis of hokius honkywood )



do ask (do tell)..Catharsis isnt a Roman Playwright.

               start thinking about today,

because the days of overly obsessive thinking about tomorrow on a beach

     with stevie nicks were all too sadly proven to be unhealthy for everybody on earth

       Gaydracula acknowledges mr potus42 admitting “dont ask, dont tell” was wrong.

     but taking the blame for it a little more would be honored ( June 6th, 2018  ) #RFK50




  12:00-   yeah,  @philoshafiz, it’s unique, stated in monofication. ‘spell-check’ cant keep up.

                                            maybe it’s an Ultra Gaydraculan Strewn Galaxy .. aka Flat.

                                                                                thanks, @Hafez_or_Hafiz.

     i threw the general perception of the  word entropy out the window for all the buddhists in the house .

                        is there life outside of earth, u ask? .well,, all the elements i see on the periodic table are dancing. .

    and how did barr get a job in the first and second place? that’s a dang funny question.. at least iger didnt rehire kirkstall road.

    but one shouldnt blame iger for barr.. Roseanne® is a household name - and Grandma Jones isnt.. that’s  a very disturbing fact.


  i dont have a tv or netflix or bezos prime etc.. they arent genius enough to produce a “Where i Buried Dylan is How i Dug You Up


  so,, OfficialTery will now correct @WorldBank’s  completely atrocious SocialMedia® approach & philosophy ..

it’ll benefit more than a “benedict Avenger® cumberbatch saves Deliveroo® from the back of an Uber® ride story” does

                                                                         since its inception,,

    Gaydracula has never lost in any category of the Noblest Prize, nearly a 3000 year streak.

                    Gaydracula has never created for the masses, because “masses” signifies a plurality.


      i’ve noted what WorldBank #Infrastructure PPP’s start-up did in Bolivia in the 90’s

  furthermore, im glad left twitter, @A_P_P_R_O_V_E_D , for mom’s grand ol 82nd birthday


  i wont contribute to programming people to be a valerie solanas or a school-shooter/airport-bomber.

       i will stay away from those ‘vehicles of telemarketing’ for the violent video game cult leader.

                         i  took the phone off the hook,,, so to speak.. i will not be disrupted.

         i will make my points from a solemn state of being & post about worldbank-loans from here.

    but P.S. @CNN..u got the most telling part of the violent video game cult leaders sermon wrong..

                          he said ... “i think his name is robert kennedy jr”,,,

    but ur article ports “i think it was robert kennedy jr(big big difference) #RFK

  edgar alllium poe would never quote a microsoft’s mark penn  as a  ‘scholarly defense’ . edgar alllium poe is pro-justice

how  does a ‘Never Before Seen Video Obtained’ that’s seemingly shot from a hand held point of view

    make a ‘professional’ cut to a gasping crowd at the 83rd second ? gosh.. let’s ask emily ratajkowski

his objection to an american taxpayer agency to check into the likes of  deadly dengvaxia was to be expected.

  it’s time his  violent video game brainwashing cult that cheats the system w/ a tax exempt status is ended ..

tsk tsk, @billgates #TweetForGodot #NoFollwersPlease (thanks) terymcmanus.org/twitter/kerzis.pdf

tax exempt passes from the fleetwood clownball mac clintons given to hubbard & urself should be given back.

  “clearly”, ur Faux-Concerned-Citizen Videos produced to stir Public Debate arent helping 20m Yemenis etc.

xanadu 2.0 houses a genocidist , no matter what ur minions at M(icro) S(oft) N(ational) B(roadcasting) C(ompany) say.

the use of a deadly genetically engineered vaccine made w/an encoded yellow fever virus certainly constitutes genocide

i reason the 30 million deaths by virus you were  boasting about will happen soon. what do u need in the phillipines? cobalt..

is this ( as u say) “reasonable to assume”..? science says the children exposed to dengvaxis are more prone to die. #deduced

CortansNews Agencies will be in a violently passive aggressive state of denial for a few years.. #Syria #Yemen #25mIDPsAfrica

   #JeSuisGrandmaJones #NoToWorldOfWarcraft <-- dengvaxia 2015 ( u didnt  mention denvaxia 2017 )

                                                                      but back to the #WorldBankOverhaul

   a “fiscal buffer”?  Hm ...Gaydracula & many others have studied their procurement process before





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        Qualtaq’s  @A_L_T_R_U_I_S_M

                          i said whisky

                             Apple’s Pi

                      Explain That

                  The W.rite Of NowrooZ

    the lovely frank lloyd wright of spring

                               and Mom

stop your press..i’ve never not been a spinoza man, @worldbank/@UN..ive seen enough out of you & your greedy PPPs ..

Your resolution 181 (1947 Partition Plan of Palestine)  sought to sustain division, learn from your mistakes .

           “ we just split the atom,, so why not keep it going by splitting palestine!”  - inaugural @UN mentality

    “lowest & beheld: ernst haeckel showed up in the “Einstein on Peace” book rather quickly” @TheGreatDillini


  “3 different wavelenghts are 3 different speeds, the way the crow flies is a different ‘ball of descartes’” @LambOfGosh

                it appears BigData is denying the existence of gravity ,, with photons redshifting and blueshifting...

                  the first return from BigData for a “photons redshifting” query was a link to Forbes.com..(2015)

                                                                     i like forbes and all..i liked the article.. but


      the worldbank on twitter is ‘retweeting’ an army with tanks to make africans loans..how’s that interest rate?


                            “imagination and knowledge walk into a bar..& knowledge says to the bartender...” -Gaydracula’s 1st encore 

hm..macron getting workedup about “the iran deal” could be more about airbus than fukushima.. i like mitsubishi.

“imagination is not more important than knowledge, for they have been wedded in divine speculation” -Gaydracula’s 2nd encore


    weirdly enough,,the youth of today should know ,, the ‘israel’  problem is as old as the electric blender.

                                           thats what i call “Bringing Things Up to Scale“ .. yeah, i said it..

                 i cant blame mr bibi or his neighbors in the middle east for being driven bonkers for 70 years..

                                                                             i can blame the UN in 1947..

            and if mr bibi needs to call someone up late at night to complain about the bullet in his shoulder, im here..

      Bullet-InThe-Shoulder-Bibi and all others in that region are victims of ill management policies  by the 1947 UN

                       the UN article 181,, determined to segregate “Jews and Arabs” ,, is Adolf Hitler-esque

          if that youngin’ TESS wants to know why the liquid metallic core of jupiter would be a surface, im here..

       there’s no need to be embarrassed or eric schmidt,, @MIT  .. G is for Gaydracula & #SurfaceTension ( hehe ).

            ur desire to sell quantity mechanics as endless is ( did i spell that correctly ?) what did, i spell.. um.

                         there are other thematic errors with your ABC’s that will run into problems quickly.

  ( so,, say “thank you” to me for correcting your hokey TEDtalks edX ‘science‘ or just  keep spewing “im a tree”)

            is perdue univeristy not invited to join edX bake sale because they are called the boilermakers?..hm.

  another thing eric schmidt failed to understand is the San Bernardino phone needed to be opened for everybody.

            there’s more to this great life than protecting a toxic-tech-tyrant-bitcoin-thoroughfare / avenue..

                     thanks for coming in, eric.. please push your chair back under the desk before you leave...

                              DEVELOP!! a sustainable computer and AI  that requires zero conflict minerals. 

people would rather have 4oz of copper added to their pixel phone to not see millions of deaths on their pixel phone

                                                     well,, maybe some people playing violent video games wouldnt

how about a 95% “transparent aluminium” 1% sassy ocean water battery ....4%  ionically bonded chemiluminescent

/bioluminescent compound that could double as a monitor and photosite receptor.. (no pixels.). the Lutea Duo-splay.

   throw another 10% of code on top of it... and those tech companies will finally be giving the consumer 110%

  i think @richarddawkins will have to learn to spell humanist differently everytime if he wants it to be “non-religious”

   “science without religion is for the theoretical violinist on clarinet” - Gaydracula pouring dawkins a cranberry juice

oddly, i cant find Moore’s law in a law journal anywhere.. but it shows up in psych journals a few letters up from OCD..

  some times the ol “competition is good for the marketplace’ adage only leads to the same detracting game tomorrow

companies  are counting pixels and spending billions to sue their “rivals”  over the color of polka dots on packaging....

                 i can see why stephen hawking said humanity should try to leave earth as fast as they can

w/ExoPlanetHunterTESS oblivious to what jupiter’s surface is, im wondering why TESS is overly fixated on a paleodiet

All systems are-a-go for Gaydracula & his Team of FineToothedCombs to examine ViolentVideoGamerRockets 



                                 machine learning has gone oh so criminy wrong .. how could you, @MIT ?

                                “oy vey,, kill me now” --- Gaydracula sadly paraphrasing  einstein’s last words.


      why get everybody connected to the internet when @MIT’s TESS says jupiter doesnt have a  metallic surface?

              forget  what TESS says about what comprises a distant exoplanet if it doesnt know what jupiter is.

              people go out and say hi to jupiter every night.. oh.. TESS doesnt..its too high-falutin for jupiter..

               does TESS think it will find another Damascus? .. oh that’s a dumb question.. TESS doesnt think.

     TESS appears to be only a scout for the land grabbers. @NASA.. im glad they corrected their ABC’s, tho..

  well, they changed the really really  wrong ones.. there is still a lot of work to be done on those to make them science

                   Aiyana thought.. TESS & Charlie Hebdo will never think like Grandma Jones

                    Its Time For Science, not more brand name charlie hebdo from @MIT’s edX .. #JeSuisAiyana

              edX is looking like another elitist Doctrine of Partition similar to the UN’s article 181, @MIT..

               satellites these days,, if  TESS showed up on twitter when i was a kid?.. i wouldve blocked TESS fast..

it’s time for nuclear fusion,(violent video game fission belongs to the toxic partitioning phiosophy of the 20th century)

                                                how terrapower.com can call U238 “ low level waste” is absurd...

    does every violent video game tyrant hand out nuclear waste & dengvaxia to the kids for halloween? maybe so..

         iran quitting a nuclear program will only piss off a few people --->>  twitter’s own hannibal pinker, buffalo bill

    what family plays kickball at a reunion around a nuclear plant..? there’s only one..and that’s The Adams Family

i’d tell macron to trot down on his towering green energy horse & pick up the equip for $500b USD if he wants it used so badly


it’s time the world quits its psychologically tragic addiction to nuclear fission,  something pinker/gates fail to convey.

                                           solarpower  is great,, if everybody isnt living under a mushroom cloud.


fusion is here ... & Gaydraculan drop in fuels for already-built-cars are better for the planet & peoples pocketbook ..

The Gaydracula Foundation’s idea for  a biodegradable nano-tech net for phytoplankton blooms (algal fuel) is superb.

why waste time and blooms that grow in a dam from water released from a higher level reservoir?  it’s fuel to grow.

people can make a living with natural disasters.. but a nuclear disaster? only robots are wacko enough to take that job

   NASA has given us a pretty example birds eye view phytoplankton..  NOAA  expounds on Blooms out of control

         i really like that shirt the NOAA scientist is wearing .. HAB watch.. #BiodegradableNanoGaytechNets

                    that’s what down to earth is.  “Grandma Jones has Spoken” -@UltimateArte of grannybot.org


      there’s more to the Palestinian Talmud than how many cubits a taco stand needs to be from a boutique...etc

                                                    Bethlehem will always be the capital of Gaydraculand,

                                          where Gaydracula runs a fortifying millet taco stand boutique co-op.

                                        Now Showing: This Gaydraculand Life ( in Full Gaydraculan Color )

                                                         obviously,, i didnt peck out chapter 3 with a remington..

                                                        bill is  stuck on a desert island disk with a beatles album.

                                                        ive never seen mr zarif so distraught.. i cant blame him.. 

.                                                                           i see a yemen crisis, like mr zarif

                        moving a US embassy to a central town with a 40ft deep trench dug around it perhaps

  proves that the “iran deal” needed to include a statement  by the UN admitting the 1947 article 181 was a mistake ..

it’s been proven..even MIT’s chomsky is no challenge to The Genius of Gaydracula Himself  in the realm of debate..

what has driven a country to dig a 40ft deep trench around its yard?.. the UN’s 1947 partitioned atom philosophy.

    the international space station doesnt have nuclear power.. why convince countries they need nuclear power?

       ..NOAA cites nearly 10 earthquakes over 5.1 today.. who knows how many happened in the last billion years..

  kim jong un made a flawless assessment  by listening to mother earthquake.. perhaps macron needs a hearing aid.

i agree with mr zarif.. it appears mr bibi has licked one to many menachem begin postage stamps ( the cartoon side )

     it’s time the good people of israel let mr kim jong un’s inspectors in to take away bibi’s nukes.. #ClimateChange

     and thanks to the scientific prowess of Exxon Mobile,, making addtional electricity by carbon capturing is here..

                            a slurpee machine on the side of a Uranium 238 nuclear power plant? heavens no..

the more carbon capturing tech developed the better.. mother earthquake has too many peat bogs up her sleeve  ..

  maybe it’d be a good job for the herbivore robots.. send them to the peat bogs to capture carbon to make oxygen..

and bolt a few aluminum antlers on each of the oxygen making robots to make the environmentalists doubly happy.

           famous amos is an AI visionary.. and his cookie making robots would probably cheer my peat bogbot idea..

              im thinking the biggest robot in the united states is the hoover dam. .people still camp out to see it.


                                                       i’d dump the nuclear deal, if i was mr zarif and friends.

i’d tell macron to change the name to The World Climate Accord (not paris) in which archaic U238 fission is banned.  

     the tribal systemites fought a long time to get from mongolia to fukushima.. now that land seems terribly useless.. 

                                                im not promoting tribalism or U238  ..  both seem outmoded to me                                           


worldbank wont be able to #GetPPPsRight until they admit where the 1947 Palestinian Partition Plan was wrong.

  there isnt 4sq feet of earth that isnt a nervous wreck by their first PPP..i think its time to give someone else a go.

     the days of turning water into wine are long gone.. nutritional yeast has 22grams of protein per tablespoon.

    my house is almost  twice as old as today’s israel... there isnt one robert frost poem that predates my house.

    borders beget taxes that help pay for infrastructure .. i flush the jon with a bucket of rainwater every few days.

i can like old things, like those  movies where the lady is banging on the pipes in an apartment yelling “quiet down”

      i kind of feel like that old lady tonite.. the raccoon, snake and cat  under the house are really whoopin it up..

                                                    but since mr Bullet-In-The-Shoulder-Bibi likes things new,,

   and once the UN admits their faults in article 181.. mr zarif can build mr bibi a sweet condo on the caspian sea,

                                            where he can get free  in-house shoulder replacement surgery

i will drive up to visit them.. i wont have the big letters UN on the side of my truck.. it will have a NU license plate.


                                                                  “let’s make the UN NU” - @RealGaydracula 


                                     there’s a big difference between a princess leia being locked in an empty  cell

                                          and a princess leia being locked in the closed-off library of the UN...

                                                                          which princess leia is @billgates?

shouldnt he be readin bertrand russell like karl propeller hat wallinger? vaclav smil is too much of a nukehead for me

                                 why the cold shoulder, @worldbank? .hm. well, i have propeller hat beat there.

    world party karl can cheer up about getting kicked off ‘stephen colbert’s’ movie label ( a subsidiary of geffen )



                                                                  but back to bill’s article in Foreign Affairs...

                        everybody wants to be a jack parsons these days., the  lawrence welk of sacrificial gloom.

it takes all kinds, i guess.. but i’d prefer to ride my bike on the lawrence welk side of the street, if u kno what i mean.

                      tho , i might add.. i could withstand richard feynman on the bongos for a bit (until he snapped)

it’s weird, plutonium etc is somehow the new lil red sportscar. peeps are obsessed to obtain things they dont need..

                                  ... i worry about mr zarif’s health .  i worry about richard dawkins health too.

my advice to mr dawkins to get back in school to study the nucleotide/neutrino relationship was highly considerate.

                                     i had a hunch that suggesting to him to “try the decaf” wouldnt be enough

        welk lived to about 90 yrs old, not so w/ parsons.  but back to bill’s article on splitting the gene like an atom.


oh.The National Academy of Sciences (formerly known as Bill’s BeverlyHills PoolBoys?) sounds..um..sciencey.

        maybe i can ask them about .. make-shifting a futon..( hehe ).i jest, NAoS.. Tweet a bit more for Godot, Bill

ahem..  cuz actually .. scott halstead was involved in one of ur ‘first’ funding projects ,,bill.. ( 2002).. Gavi= 2000

what do scott halstead & kerzis have in common? theyre both experts (not traitors) whom u, bill, have shunned...

  is mr halstead over on nature.com stereotyping galaxies ? no .. he hasnt been there for a while...was he banned?

i worry about your mental health, bill.. it’s time to invite Gaydracula  into your heart as your online self-help-guru.

“one cant warn of a pandemic & not point out sanofi’s faults . it’s better to swallow your pride than dengvaxia” - Gaydracula

    the World Health Organization at last supported The Gaydracula Foundation against Dengvaxia.. but much too late.

   the gates foundation/Gavi’s holding of sanofi stock shouldnt have been a deterrent to getting non lethal science to millions of children.

                       it causes fissures in trust..who would trust Buffalo Bills Corn Ears in A Bucket? #NoToDengvaxia

                         like some paintings,  some experts cant be bought . ..#BanKirkstallRoad .. #AiyanaJones

                       oh.. cobalt is $40LB ..iran could end the Conflict Mineral Wars in Africa by mining cobalt again.

                                                      i think all african nations deserve veto power in the UN..eh?

                                                                       cuz not one of them has veto power in the UN

the american people are tired of the 40 yr long microsoft regime’s violent video game policy of  updates & heartache

                                                      maybe that’s why katy perry and taylor swift are feuding

                                                        the biebs should step up & send them both a bouquet of marlboros

straying from the dusty ol scroll of a script to improv(e) on the world stage has an ability to weed out the bad actors

cuz for a guy who preaches multilateralism,, the parisian wiz kid seems to always mention only ‘2’ countries of the EU 

                              manny mac says he’s anti-bureaucrat and pro WTO.. that will cause some division .

    the koreas are united.. the united kingdom is united.. the united states is united.. why is europe divided?.. hebdo.

if macron came out one day and wanted to address the public by saying  “i was elected by a reichstag fire”. i’d listen.

     or he could address the public and say how he wasnt elected by a reichstag fire.. either way.. it’d clear the air.

  the european people deserve to join the 21st century..mr zarif calling mr bibi a cartoon boy on twitter? tres moderne.

a reichstag fire french pres demanding that all live by some freaky climate religion isnt welcomed in the modern era..

this is not a call to fight radical climate change extremists. i dont promote fighting or marching.  im a cerebral man .

the photoa of those drawing up the paris climate agreement on a posh veranda w/minstrels playing will be cataloged    “developing nations” will be able to progress on their own accord,, their individual sovereignty will be honored .

in the coming weeks. youll experience irrational flashes of violence from the falling house of macron, its not your fault

                                     .. dont blame yourself .. dont blame the weather.. and dont even blame macron ..


                                angela merkel says the latest escalation in the middle east is about “war and peace”,,,

i’d like to know what she thinks about faberge’ eggs..europe needs carbon nanotube tech, they can build it w/out iran.    iran doesnt need 1950’s nuclear power plants.., no matter what 1700’s-Again-Now-Pinker has to say about them..

im reminded of a vespa factory in india that turned into a bajaj factory in ..perhaps 1959?  maybe another time..@bbc.

          but quickly, imagine a toyota plant in iran 20 years on.. now imagine a macron renault plant in iran 20 years on..

its a no brainer... the toyota plant wont simmering division, @bbc..heck. a 1980’s  toyota/gm plant in cali is now tesla..

            but why am i telling this to a paper that is entertaining an idea of james comey as steph curry? ...geesh... @bbc

do u think robert downey jr has enough creative ability to do a One Man Georgia Guidestones saga? i dont think he does

  scroll up.. you will find me expressing to ‘MIT’ that i dont believe in infinity. period. i dont have time for infinity wars.

unlike you, @bbc im not into matricidal bezometer TV..it’s time to honor a better stream.. its time for education, not video games.

try not to be so textbook drab when casting your assessment  of lonely...i prefer it.. it’s how i progress.. im not team hollywood..

  i wont adhere to any of today’s team dogma that is going to make the existing financial contrast in this world more severe.

other than the right side of my face being in pain. im pretty comfortable.. i dont want to deal with any team death at a hospital.

          if you want to knock on my door for my mom or to be real ( not a tv show ).. to see if im alive etc. . im ok with that.

    but i have no moral dilemma in dying w/the 10s of millions of africans who’ve been taken advantage of in the name of climate change..

i wont get on twitter to ask for 10 dollar donations..i will tell you from here. 10s of millions of yemenis dont need a useless purple fitbit band.

  we will just have to find out if  bill’s  call for education & healthcare is like when he gave all his money to charity at the start of the syrian war

     can he be innovative (nuevo)..or will he just fall back to his same old neglect to the obvious,  as he did yesterday, and the years before that?

          im lonely, but on a team of 10s of millions of displaced or dead, @bbc.

                            we need to test the mettle of ur media  to find out if ur just a team of theme park carousel horses .

u shouldnt be defining your life by seeking to get paid to not say something about the murderous land grabbin craze of the last 10 years, @bbc.. .                                                                           


    that being said..i like ms merkel.. ive never seen a painting of catherine the great w/ a funnel cake  and a 48oz mug of beer.

       therefore, Gaydracula has heard enough out of fashion furer  lagerfeld.  karl needs a history lesson in 21st century forced migration

but  perhaps he needs to 1st understand that hitler was taking in linen for his yacht sails from egypt, not refugees

          10% of paris and 10% of hamburg is muslim.. but that is skewed.. those are labels, often unwarranted..

  i never check the race box when filling out forms.. most of the time i draw a line thru it. ...no one has ever got mad at that..

          and if they had a box that said.. were to famous before you were born?..id laugh..and draw a line thru that one too.

       maybe TESS will find a Faberge’ Egg Planet for isolationist lagerfeld to move to.. in his Faberge’ Egg Spaceship..

but he should go back to hamburg and open a business with immigrants.,,  BUT not a Gloves Without Fingers factory.

                 maybe lagerfeld has lost his mind.. because he is spouting the exact same DAZI party line he complains about


             “hitler’s assistants were killing everybody not into his brand crazed fashion show..” -@InternetTzara

  the commercialized bodies of electric DAZI info hoopla ( what mr potus calls fake news)  dont have the ability to appreciate Gaydracula..

    theyre mentally isolated.in hollywood..who would want a support group that reads from a script? not me. #LifeMatters from here to yemen.

cuz,, in my non hollywood isolated reality,in this century ,,i know 10’s of millions have been displaced by conflict in/from africa .

  10s of millions dont  need to be of a particular color weight size or gender to be 10s of  millions.. it’s 10s of millions of people.

i might be the only person online not calling the african tragedy “climate change”.. i see those 10s of millions as victims to WWIII

i never liked the title,, but it seems mom’s special baby will always be special.. empowered to be an assured loner isnt a bad thing

   .. ive never had the need for a stylist.. im not against all stylists.. but the ones whom stylized WWIII into Climate Change suck

         how do i let those 10s of millions of people know that they are superior to the all too prevalent sucky stylists of today?

     #WorkToBeDone, .. i will now retire to Gaydracula’s chamber to throw around a few ideas to achieve my next goal..

         the MassMedia of The DigitalRevolution® (the DAZI party) took  page after page out of the NAZI handbook to use.

  who spreads the rumors the world is overpopulated(?) The DAZI party, cramped in a cubicle-partitioned  house made of salt.

it’s like they took an english writing course at the  Fair Play for Cuba’s Hokius College of Hacks with taber, capote & baldwin

   will the DAZI party be able to address Gaydracula on this day of the 50th year anniversary of RFK’s assassination, no less  ?                                                                         

  walk jnto a university  lab anywhere.. have they moved beyond dropping mentos in coke? well, the DAZI fake news room hasnt

   mara cepeda deserved a pulitzer prize .. but you have to work in a trendy DAZI party news room to get one..

DAZI  party news will stalk her and try to convince her that she needs a really sucky stylist.  how do i kno that’ll happen? ..well..


                            do pinker and  bill gates want people to believe i shot everyone from john f kennedy  to john lennon?

well,, have i got (2016) news for them..  i didnt just step off l ron hubbards boat.. nor have i ever stepped on l ron’s druken boat.

         ive never been. involved with any kind of group handing werido pamphlets out to strangers on the street of new orleans.

    i dont  see the truth as suppressive.. the truth isnt a ritual,, it’s a fact..some cults might get angry at me for saying that.

the  cult of the hokey broken hubble doesnt like me.. whether it’s oliver stone’s JFK or the incredibly unscientific billinda’s Halo Combat Evolved.

   by not being able to look the crowd in the eyes when saying  “i think his name is robert kennedy jr” ,, that’s how they ended, antisocially.

  there is an elephant onstage w/ bill that his followers cant acknowledge.& CNN MSNBC BBC & Reuters etc dont have the courage/intelligence to.

  & 5 days later, CNN still cant..  it’s yet another elephant on the internet... i acknowledged it, no prob...i’m glad i have an einstein book to read.

     fake news? ha.. in this New Old Dawn of The Tarnished Age of The Hokey Order,, it’s raining phony cats & dogs & pinkers

           theyve become victims of their own dumb reporting..stagnation is one of the problems with doing anything with RE as a prefix..

       routine and ritual are somewhat alike.. but routine has an aspect of  practical efficiency.. altho, efficiently wrong is useless to everybody.

        would eric schmidt trade all the AI in the world to have his real intelligence  daughter back? i think he would.. i would if i were him.

        i like kooky eric.. but perhaps the cult has convinced him to be  only “smart”/pain-causing and not  biologically intelligent .. who knows.

im not trying to cause pain, im biologically intelligent..im trying to alleviate the burden of pain. thats how real /biological intelligence  progresses

artificial intelligence wouldnt say.. “ hm.. kooky eric,, maybe u should take a look at that..u might benefit greatly from it..” real intelligence does.

      there are all kinds of cults out there.. Gaydracula’s Garden Club is a cult.. it’s not ironic, it cultivates plants and each other  for healthy life.

   ive never not been around cults.. im glad i found Gaydracula’s Garden Club .. those big computer cults dont like it,, but i reckon it’s their loss.

                in the last 24 hours.. i had two 8 hour naps and a 7 hour nap.. an hour was utilized  to get a banana.. i feel a lot better now..

if there is one person that the cult that killed robert kennedy would want to control.. it would be robert kennedy jr .. its part of their power trip.

bill gates claiming that he wasnt sure of robert kennedy jr’s name would make robert kennedy jr feel like a powerless subordinate. #CultTricks

             Pinker needs The Hokey Order to feature his  books,,

that’s why he wont say that once wrong bill programs kennedy jr to feel like a near-nameless subordinate,,

           RFK jr is more apt to believe  that looking into vaccines will be what WRONG bill says is a “dead end” ...

   but, of course, scott halstead & myself ( science ) proved bill wrong.

        one needs to be detached from the orderis of hokius honkywood to achieve a highly respected level of science .


                                                                                      dada isnt ritualistic 


                                                       Making The Internet Safe For Once







             Help rescue all those trapped in The New Old Dawn of The Hokey Order ( aka.. The Church of Anything Hokius Says )

                           “...is tough love at its very best” @PhilosHafiz -










IMF Chief Heralds
Revolutionary Cartoon Book As Her Guide 
To Tweet For Godot 


clique ---- for whom the loom toiles

Dear OliverStone: Oswald’s Fair Play For Cuba wasnt a group of cubans, they were an Orderis of Hokius Hacks

mr potus45’s tweeter is wondering why sam bee wasnt fired from TBS for her crass comments?

Gaydracula Says it’s time mr potus45’s tweeter reaches out to the long arm of justice jeff & ask him

         TBS obrien? what did he say about the UN & cholera on his coconut drink to haiti trip? nada

       even a hokey honkywood crazed reuters can point out the UN/WorldBank/IMFs ongoing negligence with that

                                                   yet reuters cant denounce #TeamConan

       their reliance and devotion to the archaic Orderis of Hokius Honkywood is all too apparent.

    so,,,reuters isnt intelligent enough to be on #TeamGrandmaJones ... maybe they never will be

boo hiss, @emrata! show some courage (heart) #SayNoToViolentVideoGames

1 & 2 conspire to make 3 = conspiracy fact” @Spiratic,,, a spire to GrandmaJones, @emrata!

                 Think About The 10s of Millions of Refugees of All Ages Today


Chapter III Complete