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  The Melvil Dewey Advocate

hey, mike zimmerman!

    that’d be.. Bruegel at Phipps Plaza.

         ( across from                        )

well.. ms harder. “shotgun experiments”

(S.Es) existed in physics long before they

  did in (late 70’s ) molecular biology.

once the fundamentals are relatively understood, SEs help in understanding the    way things react naturally to further science.

   and the findings shouldnt be misused..

    ?                                                            ?

as feynman said.. “ it’s not complicated,

  there’s just a lot of it”. it’s as easy to     understand as learning how to email..

it’s not the scientist’s fault if someone

wants to misuse their work for monetary gains...

so why not teach peeps science before they learn to email?

i cant/wont even suggest one drama for u to “catch up on“ ..tv..

why would i want to give u six more idiotic ways to waste time..

“oh hey africa..here’s a sit com. im just here to. umm?”-billgates


“how could kristof not respect aramaic..smh” @ArkOfTerentius

    trump isnt against clean water/air.. he’s made that clear.

         he doesnt have to believe in climate change now..

      the after effects of it will be studied.. and attended to.

        the media has missed other things he’s mentioned.

  he doesnt want to live in the past w/ TeamClimateChange®

     did the climate change?  indeed,, that’s past tense..

will the climate continue changing...well ya. it’s still earth.

            and ..The Lead Administrative Agency for...

  The Fourth National Climate Assessment .. ( that report ) was

        (the dept of commerce..  a lot of cali fires are arson)     

   it’s a power point presentation, not a climate assessment ..

i doubt adler & his ragtag crew of drama queen scribes at reuters would even link to it.

the cover photo of the smoldering bodies kept me from driving to get baby formula.

im scared to go out &start the car, the deer &squirrels might start exploding.. how do i tell the baby?

    look at bruegels tower of babel.. do u want to live there?

      do u want to spend ur life like bill tweeting for Godot?

FINE! go live with billyboy in that Armed-To-The-Hilt of a UN.

and yall can pitch ur african war booty as ‘A Driving Force of Innovation’. ,,

but i dont have to ‘buy it’. i denounce bill & his tech’s addiction to Conflict Minerals..

it’s a matter of principle. ethically, i cant give in to TeamBarry’s offer of ill-gotten gain.

those offers perpetuate a King-Of-The-Hill type cycle of violence that should have ended w/hitlers death.

     the deVASTation  in Syria wasnt caused by one of mother nature’s sand storms.

  it’s all in Gaydracula’s Treatise on Trade: The Art of The #NO-Deal.

      but, hey..not all of TheUNs acquired info is worthless.

              their study on water wells has some merit to it.

        im an optimist.. the UNs 70 years wasnt a total waste,,

it’s even opened up doors for you and bill to further bond over


so, stick to your Parrot Made Climate Change and Programming. 

        and Qioqo and i will do practical things,,

                                     like cleaning up 60yrs of Space Debris..

  after the massive collision/wreck in 2009,,

   we feel it’s our obligation to the children of tomorrow’s peeps.

brought to you by

                              Edgar Allium Poe


                                                                                   The End

                                                of chapter 2