Dawn Of The Newest Decade Ever


         “and that extends to a big ol NO to Geffen, TheWitchHat..and #AfricanLandGrabbinGreed”



                 ( UNtony, Tear Down That Hokius Honky WitchHat Mural ) 

                                  ADVANCED REMOTE TEACHING

                              Compare and Contrast:

              Jules Verne’s From The Earth to The Moon.


                              Earnest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.  

      HINT : what would post war  optimism be without the witch hat factors?

ACCEPTABLE ANSWER: a piece of delicious cake. that makes you STRONG!

do those works historically predetermine the destructive  intent of the UN’s WitchHatMuralRitual..?

      CASE CLOSED.. 1+2=3.. so dont number pandemics.    optimism has  much too easily forgotten way too many  africans drowning trying to escpe africa in the past decade..

        the two books above kind of do the same thing.. optimism is good, until one goes blind from it.

                fooling yourself meditating for 15 minutes a day is 23 hours and 45 minutes short of being.                                                               

            ( UNtony, come out with your honky`hands up where i can see them )

      your  delusionally bratty defense of “but they did it too.. it’s a tradition. it was meant to be!”  wont fly.

    blavatsky wasnt arrested for nothing.. and speaking of delusional freaks.. (  the UN’s alice bailey below )


     well, i am on a track i built to disband the orderis of the hokius netflix honkers

                             and not the national institute of health .. etc

    & a Special Thanks to the FDA for requiring to list whats in my delicious Swiss Miss Cocoa.

          i buy it by the 30 pack case.. nestle hasnt given me that option yet.. theirs is delicious too.

              i m not on this earth to have to decide between the lion king and the tiger king.

                         The Lady Bug Queen, an https://twitter.com/internettzara production

                                what’s the natural range of a blood thirsty tiger? it can be 400 miles.

i enjoy stopping in the middle of the highway at 3am to let deer make their way to the other side.

           in fact, it’s one of the quickest cures for my depression.. it’s more instant that cocoa.

                               sometimes i will see 50 in a night..sometimes more.. sometimes none.

        people dont call the fire dept about all the foxes in the village.. but if a tiger showed up..?



       the reign of bezos and joaquin was a flop before it could start.. make the move to science, @bbc.

                                          your news paper is like reading yoko ono’s tweets,                  




             Xbox Billy ( The New Fake Purple One ) =double F - ( one for each )

     i wont spend anytime with xbox billy after class. he’s not capable of learning.

   “ it’s not time to “come together” if one cant comprehend the above” - Gaydracula Himself

     ‘..  “timely”.. ‘ ..it’s not time yet to discuss yadda yadda ‘ -- xbox billy told fareed zakaria .

                  but how long did it take to read all that is above this sentence ...

  i wouldnt want to “unite” with anyone whom cant read & comprehend it in a few minutes,

                                      unless one doesnt read  the english language.   but...

                                                                  Best Regards,


   extra credit is available for those whom want to see me after the  lecture.

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