Public Announcement from The President of Ziontology:

          Please Seek Immediate Sunshine... And Dance

       Chapter VI

                                                                  verses 1-3

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            am i online yet, bill?

          Who is Mary Diane, Steven?

well, u rascal.. u never liked the UN either.. i cant blame you.

             george harrison got mad at you for that.. i didnt...

             why wouldnt U.S presidents(Clinton/Obama) be obsessed with me?

                                 i write my own material..     

                 im not an idiotic fleetwood mac show.. please refer to chapter II

                   ..i dont follow politics.. it follows me...

   16 years of apocalyptic democlownic presidencies living out a movie is pathetic.

               ve never voted .im nt a democrat republican or liberal..  go figure..


      all in all, i feel bad for george.. i think marshall applewhite got to him..

  he states in his last interview.. im a servant of a servant of hare krishna who is a servant of a servant of a etc etc.

                                                     it’s like the story of lazarus  picking up crumbs..

it reminds me of that maharishi choosing david lynch (thru a TV in the same building) to be his prophet

   and after lynch accepted to be the chosen one,, a suitcase of money shows up..

    and then the TV broadcast of maharishi (in the same building) turns off..smh.

conveying that weirdness is my yoga for the day. i will cut the grass effortlessly now.

              i cant get healthy meditating to convince myself the grass is orange..

            people that meditate for hours about all the grass being orange are difficult to relate with

and if neutrinos are all traveling in the same direction, crazy perlmutter has a chance. hehe.

                                                             but then again..

                 i guess the real universal question is.. is there a cosmic high and low tide?

                 i say yes.. i think crazy perlmutter witnessed part of a high tide occurring.

             rip tides, gravity and mass i believe in..  but “the big rip”.?..eh,, not so much


will tangible microsemi (1959) sue the intangible microsoft?

   nah..go figure. and try a single malt..#InternetMeltdown

        maybe bill is hinting to the alleged theoretical economy that is comprised of DARK  MATTER.



                          The World Needs Gaytech




                                        Best Regards,



Ps.. Hm.