it’s time for that long awaited chapter;

Dear Members of The Gaydracula Book Club

Dear Members of The Gaydracula Book Club


                             1+2=3                                                                                                  3-2=1   


                  Presidential Kerzis

     Presents: Espe’s Birthday

    and The Internet Meltdown

                    chapter II


         CliMate Change

    At the Georgia Guidestones,,















               where did mary diane’s IMDb pictures disappear to, steven,,

the temple of doom?  it’s standing room only... disney’s youtube is mad at me (darn)

                  and  The Greedy Beatle

(whom at last made a song more awful

than his really terrible christmas song)

          neglect the impoverished and

an altruistic rationale in their haughty

        21st century african-land-grab.

Quest for The Lithuanian Artiste

          & The Ziontological Scroll



stay as tuned as you can be (possibly) for chapter III

         will Gaydracula critique more novelty love letters housed in his childhood hospital in chapter III?

                                                                   Are Gaydracula & Emory Online Yet?

                                                    technically, .the young man whom marks

                   on the quaker state windshield sticker every 3000 miles is a precise journalist.

perhaps james purnell’s mandarin will be more forthright than hollywood’s james-harding’s, @bbc


                                       Grannybot & The Passion Fleur make some excellent points.  it’s time for science,      

  we have a Y2k problem.. i like shabadoo’s X’s & boogaloo’s Z’s , babyboomers , even dylan’s gen. i dont like strikes.

                                                     in golf, im not a “ball-striker”. the ball is in the path of my swing.

if i wanted to watch impeccable hockey,, i’d go to youtube & rewatch the beautifully played 2014 usa vs russia match.

outskating the ruskies et al is in Gaydracula’s Blood  ( paternal side )  some never know where a Gaydraculan lurks.

but it is known that the Genius of Gaydracula himself doesnt like to be on skates or skiis, it prefers a nice safe stroll.

it’s not just beckett’s vladimir that has a grudge with The Genius Of The Utmost Gaydracula.. #QuitNowKasparov

  ritual schmitual:in the name of frank lloyd wright, Gaydracula already did the 100yr anniversary of the rite of spring,

                                              and then (as a bonus for earth’s allegedly linguistic biped mammals)

                               finished raising the phoenix from the garden ash ant deterrent two hanukkahs ago..                 

The Genius of The Utmost Gaydracula only tweeted in 3 out of the last 24 months (dec 25 2016 - march 31 2017)

     some might be scratching their heads to that one. Gaydracula doesnt need a book from MIT about disruptive art.

    MIT’s blockchain can be a good tech,,until it starts facilitating dangerous NGO/IS armies & 65million are displaced.



   hanukkah doesnt start on christmas this year.. 90% of the men’s tour are ball strikers from the tee..

           ball strikers will get frustrated more easily, they play in a stiff realm. their hair prolly goes grey quicker..

            keeping health care costs down is one of the reasons  i dont suggest the ball striker method of golf.

             lexi thompson isnt a ball striker. she has a ’driving avg’ of 280yrds ..(that avg is from 2 holes a round).

       if  the women’s tour players were the size of ernie els,, they’d be outdriving the men by 170 yards (500yrds)

    tight muscles are shorter.. relaxed and loose muscles are longer.. so,, it’s best to sense how long muscles can be.

mr espe prolly has the same philosophy w/the bass..tackling the essence of the smooth jazz era wouldnt be sensible

          the red crescent is providing to those in need in iran & iraq, not tackling or fighting the earthquake crisis ..

that was shaba’s main complaint about the iran nuclear deal,earthquakes. & many in japan said.. “amen, Shabadoo” .

shabadoo knows iran deserves a higher quality (and more up to date) olive branch of science from the united states 

     the nytimes is reporting on the 100 best books of the year & they found a female basketball player to do a story on

            and  sexual misconduct at morehouse and spelman and the first birth coming from a transplanted uterus .

   i just glance at the nytimes front page for the pictures. theyre mad..they were thrown out of Espe’s birthday party.

             they were cruel to they are stuck doing storyboarding for a california movie ranch

                      w/all the other oscar praising newspaper type sites dreaming of their new home in bwindi..

i’ve lost count to how many oscars Gaydracula has just kidding.. i never counted them. i dont watch movies.

                 it has to be between 50 and 100.. if it’s over 100, it’s over 100.. “has to be” is too strong of a phrase, i guess


    ol eric is posting a picture to the cover of “primitive skyscrapers” that is posted at bishop dolittles facebook? or...

hm.. that’s quite curious.. there seems to be a pattern to things missing from my facebook pages that i didnt remove.

                of a different kind of strange.. the MET says that piece was done in 1926.. the book covers 1910-1925.

             maybe that’s when they acquired it .. or ( to be nice )  dickran l tashjian is being a bit avant garde himself..

                                                                     .                                           See Spat spun                          a sea side run.

                 i should check to see if @raoulhausmann’s mars gen buddy @astronautabby is  back from siberia yet.

       it’s not possible that only america “Sequenced the human genome.”,,,  it was a collaboration of many  countries .

                         Gaydracula is giving  joe 2 sentences for christmas. it’s time for science. the ISS isn’t a tax shelter .


eek..the MIT ‘news’ frontpage uses the word ‘future’ in two of its headlines ( poetry in one...) and tackling in 1 other..

                                                             their new editor from is really paying off.

    will they take the last step to prove their devotion to true futuristic idiot hipsterness by removing the vowel from MIT?

            an electric lamborghini is highly out of touch with the recent 25 million african IDPs and nearly 7 billion others




                                                                                   is MIT upset w/grannybot

                                                                        for having the dingdingding ( initiative )

                                              to point out the corporate ‘page not loading’ sponsor behind

           what degrees are they handing out at doctorates in evasiveness and the repetitiveness of neglect?

         the tragic irony is,, for the atheist (internet user) in the foxhole (internet) to have john dewey’s pragmatism,,

they will have to shy away from reading The MIT News page to obtain those tenets of The Gaydraculan Belief System.

                            is even fear-monger-chomsky  afraid to debate The Genius of  The Utmost Gaydracula?

                                                                                               #That Figures


                                                   i can pretty much read the bbc’s headline of tomorrow.. now

      “Ray Bracula Heads Home from the dentist saying ‘ My Battle with Sherry Bell Spritzers are Here to Stay’..

   the real headline should be. “Gaydracula Does Not Honor The Hemlock Covent of The Stevie Nicks Tomorrow.”


                                                                           Hercules is known  for his stable art.

   there are #25m IDPs in africa. how the did the bbc find a Ray Bracula,,, & why should their adoring-public give a flip?


there is a serious outbreak of marburg in uganda they should be reporting on. maybe they will address it in the future.

     do they recall RealGaydracula thinking about james brady & was tempted to tweet to john kerry? #OdeToDec8th



  why would anyone think bob, paul, bill and ringo would have the courage/intelligence to address Gaydracula directly?

        bob didnt even have the courage ( heart ) to get jakob onstage at his hollywood grammy shindig... to sing..a song..

                                            Gaydracula has brought Jakob onstage twice.. so let’s make it a third..

       ...your totalitarian capitalism isnt democracy.  quit trying to sell that hokey-honky-cheeseball spiel, kasparov.

   i will read you again on dec 20th.. i live $8k below the poverty level... but the spaces on my board are endless, mr 64

                                                                                   consider your king gone



                                  hm..eric went back to the carrying-a-piano-up-the-stairs-style-of-tweeting.


                                                         should i inform kasparov about TheIRC on the 20th  ? 



hm..eric has gone back to the carrying-the-piano-up-the-stairs-style-of-tweeting. i should get checked for celiac disease

                                                                should i inform kasparov about TheIRC on the 20th?

                    maybe even pro-wild-west-capitalist-kasparov would agree ( im sure kooky eric and pinker would )..

        after the computer tech digi-evangelists rallied to not open the phone involved in the #SanBernardino shooting..

        it wouldnt be logical not to consider a potential bio threat coming out of an ‘AirBnCRISPR’ or an ‘UberCRISPR’.

if a bunch of american computer billionaires hate me for being considerate and logical,,i will have to remind them;

    america is only 4% of the world’s population. and this is espe’s birthday page, not another tom waits birthday page

oh. also in the nytimes dec 3rd edition is a story on the lifelock spokesman, reagan and gun nut enthusiast sean hannity.

                                           yeah.. that’s what equifax and the NHS etc ( etc etc) needed, Lifelock®

                                            is elizabeth warren still using soup cans and string to communicate?

   POP QUIZ.. Name that Halo2 platform “.. not all companies succeed, some fail to embrace change. this is the way

technology in the free-market works. the software industry’s success has not been driven by government regulation.

$’s safe to say when bill says “success” he means money for the company, not positive quality for the customer.

bill has no argument.. he can only put a microsoft ad at they youtube page for the joe jackson wild west vid i posted...

                                   if someone made  computer software vulnerable to a virus to add to the economy..

                               why would he be worried with a new biological disease if it would add to the economy..

            i dont need 19 years of time to prove my point is correct.. i will be correct when im dead tomorrow..& 100 yrs from now.

            no intelligent man would want to live a world where bill gates actions/opinions are considered valuable to the populace.

        but as long as im here to benefit my mom, others and not myself.. i will point out that bill wanted to take the top

    spot on the dow 30 yesterday ( he gave himself $4b this year as charity to do such things) anyway.. he wanted to

  be on the top of th edow 30 yesterday..but the market didnt want to play his lil psycholgical game,, they went to the red..

   today we had a replay of that same thing.. its kind of like making dylan a nobel prize winner and mccartney gershwin..

so again, today,,we had bob paul bill and ringo try to take the stage at the dow 30 only to see the dow30 go the other way.

             and when that petty ascpect to bill’s psychological game of facade based science proves noneffective? 

                                           bill will resort to violence.   tall women like beth daniel makes him uneasy

                ol kooky eric’s  Botty Crocker can whoop up a better gingerbread cookie recipe than Gaydracula.. but          

             now look at where no government regulation in software got the world with software 19 years after 1998..

                                                                                  do you want to hear bill saying..

           “this is the way the curing disease works. the CRISPR industry’s success has not been driven by government regulation” ?

                                                              it’s time for @L_O_G_I_Q_U_E ... #TweetForGodot

                                                              why would a regulated bank (JPM) get attacked

                                 for wanting to make sure food stamps go out undisrupted on the EBT cards?

                                      does electric lamborghini MIT have AI that can properly answer that yet..

     do they have AI with answer to why millions and millions were displaced  after Halo2 bill’s ‘retirement’ to africa?

                                     (2.7 million people newly displaced in Africa between January and June 2017)

                                           “africa has substantially improved by any metric” - bill gates oct 2017

2.7 newly displaced between jan&june 2017 is a 30% increase in a year, i dont find it an improvement” Gaydracula

                                                                                     #TweetForGodot,  MIT             photo by                   sunny rollins

are the files on reuters’ windows computers being held for ransom until they put “tackle”and “future” in their headlines?

   why would anyone retire from microsoft  in 2008 w/ a potential problem of hospital files being held for ransom?

                               it’s not a surprise that a country with close to 20% of the world’s population has to say..

“look, american computer billionaires.. read the lil miss manners handbook in chinese & then we can talk business”                                      

               grandma jones and grannybot arent holding anyone or anything for ransom.. they are just watching.


   the strike on the egyptian mosque is an attack on all admirers of life and the works of the sufis hafez and rumi.

The Genius of The Utmost Gaydracula thinks the killers are living by the hedonistic tale --Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 



                                                                            Whereat some one of loquacious  Lot---

                                                                              I think of Sufi pipkin---waxing hot---

                                                                          “All this of Pot and Potter -- Tell me, then

                                                                        Who is the Potter, pray, and who is the Pot?”

                                                              (and where has  cornel west read something like this?)

                                                                          Then to the lip of this poor earthen Urn

                                                                             I lean’d the Secret of my Life to learn:

                                                                      And Lip to Lip it murmur’d--- “While you live,

                                                                       Drink!--for once dead, you never shall return.




                                                          perhaps omar khayyam was actually christian rosenkreuz..

                                                              ( dare thy tongue to rolleth; tis i,  edgar allium poeth )

    the islamic state bitcoin foundation hasnt made any sense, their nouveau insipide flag is nothing but a call to idolatry.


                                                                                             why pick on sufis



         “@spiratic would like this.. NASA’s philosophical approach to science is on the Gaydraculan Level of Genius,

                     taking into account how something is detrimental and how it is beneficial” - @JudgeCrabapple

                                                  ;;   ol kooky eric believes  bitcoin over $10k is eye-popping ;;

                                               i think it’s eye-popping in the cable tv house-flipping-show sense,

                                                 when those dudes go into a house wearing a 3 day old tool belt

                                             and throw solid architectural elements of structure  in the dumpster

                                                   to replace them w/spiffy new veneered chipboard columns.


                          unlike bill gates, i agree with yuval noah harari’s idea that information shouldnt be on strike..

       the 21st century digital social construct  has been programmed to be semantically based around violence,

     whether it’s tackling dementia or fighting climate change. smart is not intelligent. bill uses the word smart a lot.

  the days of believing that the violent program of Halo 2 is an honorable gen have been proven to be  unsustainable.

          the Scientific Genius/Poet/Prophet Gaydracula is The Voice of Generation, not “a generation” like dylan..

  @billgates declared it as science the genius of Gaydracula will inaugurate  bill a science lesson at no charge.


        bill has never suggested a dylan book for summer reading.. altho his “desert island picks” are a bit curious...

                      intellectual, yet visceral, instinctive, raw,, TheGaydraculaFoundation  is forever sure footed.

           “Build your house on solid rock, not beatle rock” - teribelle swiftsword march 31 1967 2:31 am boston mass.


                                                     #RiteTheNote,, i dont vote..   . i have a red cross supporter card

                                    all that yammering about the $80b time warner at&t  deal..

                                                 what are these grownups trying to do to the innocent millennials?

           the gen Y’s brains will be mush in 5 years and will need a self driving cars before the technology is fully ready.

                                   it’d be much wiser for at&t to develop an arrangement w/ NOAA for $2b . or NASA

                                   what intelligent american wouldnt pay $100 to see the JPSS-1 satellite (NOAA-20)

                                                                        from launch to its place above the north pole?

mr & mrs espe & gaydracula spalding (the groom & groomiest) will not approve the at&t twx deal over a NOAA venture

                                                                              MIT  and Harvard need a psychologist. .         

25m IDPs in africa.. Gaydracula  undoubtedly maintains,,fear is not sanitizing, chomsky is scientifically unimaginative.

chomsky’s fear mongering only strengthens my position to have his anachronistic gnome statues removed from camp-ii

       some say Gaydracula’s Ziontology is politically incorrect.. but Gaydracula never registered to vote.. #NoToGreed

  michael shermer has a lot to learn.. when putting on cleaner socks, they dont have to match..why do his socks match?

         if the new-data religion  produces a bit of information..  well gosh.. terymcmanus has 196 returns on google..

                                                                      those are modern-day nobel prize numbers...

                                  people stare at me where ever i go.. i just say.”hi”. most of the time it’s”hey” tho

   if theyre wearing a violent videogame t shirt ( or a certain style of eye makeup),, i wont drink the coffee they pour.

                         video games make me nauseous  .. watching raindrops on glass never makes me sick.

    i might even say.. “barack obama’s love letters seem like they were written while upon the titanics maiden voyage,,



                                               zoinks...The Man Booker Prize Winning Book Lincoln in The Bardo

                                   was published on the same day as microsofts digital geneva convention proposal...

                                          that was maceo parker’s 74th birthday.. not the oct 28 bill gates birthday

      but unlike most of my birthday pages, this isnt  maceo’s birthday or brandon lee’s . this page is  for Espe’s 33rd ..

                      this page is not for the musician  halloween-birthday-girl willow bigger-than-the-beatles smith

         but Mr & Mrs Espe & Gaydracula Spalding will welcome her to Espe’s 33rd GoodTimingJesus B-Day Party.

                            and the house-party-earthquake-music will be provided without a net by Espe’s Gaydracula








hm.. multiple children were killed,, among the 26 dead at a texas baptist church.. i think it’s time   

                          i ask bezometer if commander bezos had a job planned for the killer

it might be best for the kids to stay away from newspapers for a few days and read some jules verne






a Gift From The Espe and Gaydracula Spalding Foundation

“Hope  For    The  Future”

     1        2       3    (4.. 5)

“Leave Room For Nature”

              ( repeat )

“Hope  For    The  Future”

     5        4       3    (2.. 1)

“Leave Room For Nature”

              ( repeat )

     not ted hughes ,

    it’s Dec 8th 2017

( snowing in georgia)

     not ms. sylvia plath

       (i lived in J.P..)

#TweetForGodot,, Iger.

#TweetForGodot,, Iger.