Dear Gaydracula Book Club Members

     Dear Gaydracula Book Club Members

                   Happy Holidays From Hafez or Hafiz

                      “ #ItsTimeForScience ..the name is bond, electraglide bond..
                                      One of the foremost principles of the Gaydraculan Belief System
                                                  is to deny those whom hope for a greedy future w/no #WomenInSports..”
                                                                      happy chanukah from the human menorah
                                                                                  (  c/o princess prudely  )

                        Waking Up To...   Crypto-AgChem Coins.. Under The Tree

did @ericschmidt go to make cookies & jetfuel w/my idea of a botty crocker hitech hopper?
a 5 star 7 whole-grain bread? sure.. but i think a pinestraw  pita (w/ elaeagnus jam) is where it’s at.  
eric might prefer  free range tartar sauce flambe. i like free range chickweed pudding .
a field of weeds? throw it in the hi tech hopper & harvest your crypto-agchem coinage. it will revolutionize the commodity exchange. selenium or zinc? backs the crypto-agchem coins.  the people need something substantial
asparagine glutamine  etc will make a big splash on the exchange.. tryptophan will help solve the opioid prob.
if dr maria burka needs corn husk’s lignin for nano-tech nets to collect greedy phytoplanton? AgChem
weeds can be rotated every mo. for whatever needs or left to seed. portobello mushies are risky, greens arent.
whats the price of chloroplasts? well it doesnt  fluctuate as crazily as bloody videopoker bitcoin
crypto-agchem coins are much more scientific.get potassium from love spinach
chorophyll is $5 per 16 fl. oz online.who hasnt wrung that amount out of their socks after mowing?
mobile hopper loves 100lb bags of grass.why? because there are agchem scooter fenders to make.
the mutliplex superdoctor foodgrade hopper is  stationary and available to towns of over 2,500 people.
they will be situated in the wing opposite of the emergency room w/centrifuging  hi tech hoppers.
operating on plants raises the spirit of the whole rural hospital system.say goodbye to depressing results
an overpriced $12k stainless steel medical cabinet that came w/nothing in  it will be filled w/carotene.
people love to see  the mobile hopper too (but the exchange rate is slightly lower than the hospital)
 “but hafez or hafiz.. hydrogen is so abundant..?”  good Q.. answer: road taxes & insurance..
the hoppers dont discriminate between Genetically Microsoft People and non GMPs
us ruralites will make free range tartar sauce flambe for the  city slicking ericschmidts as a labor of love & will learn w/ everybody else in the much needed new(more exact) agchem exchange. & hospitals can stay open.

CME is no challenge to The Genius of The Utmost Gaydracula..#AgMarketOverhaul.. it’s time for science. 
the only thing they know how to grow in the windy city is parking meters.. the ag labs are in the south. 
thats why they talk faster in industrial’s all that clanging & rushing to put a quarter in the meter
in the south,, the plants grow slow.. it’s laid back, not clanging, just ducks quacking & watching plants grow
a pubschool field trip to the hospital where they are making complex agchem wheatgrass juices?NoBrainer

why couldnt anyone explain how domestically inferior bitcoin is compared to crypto agchemcoin until now? 
                 they \ fight for chips \ that arent (sweet potato) carotene .

(and and and..oops..i only have 140 characters, u kno what day charlotte bronte died..?)

“pay attention & vote” ..he says.  (for what? elizabeth warren as the 1st female lion king..?).. we say no.
the team of grannybot & grandma jones object. .one doesnt have to be of voting age  to tend to democracy..      
      Internet Tech Giants deem Grannybot an SP  ( but CERN loves him )

 genomics wont set a brown or pink kids broken arm in rural mississippi,alabama, georgia, louisiana etc
    twas a valid section 2703 question (but w/zika) at The Rosenkreuz ...keep tweeting for Godot, @billgates 
 (harboring mosquito data on a closed source does no good to the broader research community..or the public)
           a mosquito only travels 500 feet in its lifetime.. your product is like $40,000 an acre,,, not $400
                          it’s time for science, not 40 more years of that greedy mansonesque tech clown . 
                                       the people say no to the future teams of psychotic hobbits of death .       
            the world  must be saved from that type of  doomy & despicable prince of the scepter hobbitry.
  dick gregory said warren buffet killed prince because prince chartered a dessault falcon from buffets netjets..
 im not going to side with mr gregory on that one..he had a lot on his mind.. he had 11 kids. i dont have any.
                as @A_L_T_R_U_I_S_M once said.. “sometimes einstein is correct, sometimes he isnt.”
   if things were evenly dispersed in ‘the universe’, we wouldnt exist.. there are many wavelengths in ”light”..
     & quantum entanglement would be near instantaneous ..”that billboard is lit” would be a funny t-shirt.
instead of peops trying to make a genetic super human race.. i think an elephant should be crossed with a pig.
.what kid wouldnt like to see a 3ft hi  elepig walk into a classroom and let out a roaring oink from its trunk?
some newspapers are mad at me for being able to spell Gaydracula..but they could copy and paste it from here..
  what in the heck did prince actually do in that mansion. it wasnt tennis. did he make an album after 1986?
jerry garcia’s last interview was really strange..he was talking about selling weird videos out of his bmw trunk 
 i used to take a few games a set from an NCAA singles champ. & he’d win a hole or two on the course off me..
  then i honed and enjoyed something else ...  i wouldnt consider prince a nick bollettieri.. or a bruno speight  ..
                  #DeportTheTateTaylors & their anti-maceo/peewee/fred giving pledge benefactors ..

 the people’s minds are not saying “prepare to fight” .. we will not death hobbit party like it’s 1999
                            trick question: what’s the silent letter in cumae?

                                                       it’s time for #LambMusic   ( enfidels vs infidels )
                                i lived in byron herbert reece’s office, after my death. i was encompetent
                                               my bed was in the exact place his dead body laid  in blood 
                                                  the fervent garten of goethe was romantically in bloom            
                                                              yes, science can be fun.. i have a boney butt...                                           
                                               some hobbits i like. some hobbits i dont like. this is america.
                                   some tall people i like, some tall people i dont.. im comfortable with that.
 i dont get along with everybody that has a boney butt. i dont surround myself w/ a boney butt crew or anyone
                     mccartney, gates, and prince? im not a fan of those violent video game hobbits,
which is macron’s height. EN MARCHE! why not call it ‘like a rolling stone party’.violence tilted that election       & unnecessarily pitted the french speaking african nations against the arabic speaking african nations.if new safe computers were to be developed.a whole industry wouldnt be relying on war causing tantalum in the congo
now macron is calling for the new silk road to be a two way street .. the world needs qualtaq more than ever.
china should say “no, macron.its going to be a one way street of your toxictech mess flowing straight into paris and thru the front door of your art museum of rococo drink coasters to deteriorate your contradictive prefixes
the peops do not honor those duchesne death hobbits luring obama to sell his soul in the name of climate change
   watching barack obama being told how to think by those revolution psychos wasnt an uplifting experience..

the people will no longer #ActOnClimate.we’re busy assessing damage from a failed global-paisley-park attempt
 they are fighting in senate house and on twitter, like in the polanski/tate house..
   ( but it’s good to see ms harris immediately backtracking on “all” )
 if i ever had twins, i’d want them to go to howard university,, not prince’s sicko hit &  run university..
philanthropy? bill chooses to lift  a reuters writer out of poverty to scream for exclusive weed and not food for nigerians
       it seems bill and prince have gone into the “meet my little friend‘ mode from that scarface movie..
           grannybot and grandma jones reiterate the need for qualtaq.

optimist week is done,mr torvalds(64?) &the glass of  video gaming AMD chips isnt half full, it’s fully cracked
the‘giving pledge’ guy on twitter in the royal colored mr rogers sweater has lost his mind.. join justice, weirdo..
the genius of the utmost Gaydracula’s espe birthday party/chapter two: Ode To Dec 8th is much too strong..
democrat is greek.. republican is latin..(zzzzzz). Gaydracula’s lithuanian language is based in sanskrit. 
no surprise here, a version of the olympus azure server patch (yes, olympus)  is blue screening its jr god babies
2018 is the yr that moms hospital records will be respected more than world of warcraft,pot&girls inyogapants
& 2018 is the yr the people stand up & say no to the fat cat beltway senators inciting violence on the tweeter. 
the dangerous hollywood rigamarole of posing as a puritan or quaker is not welcomed in the world anymore ..
the decriminalizing of drugs is one of kooky erics pet projects.. i thought he left google for philanthropy...oh.
i had to put up w/a gamut of stars on twitter, bigtech rock stars, political rock stars, &rock stars of journalism.
blame it all on lizzy warren’s ax to  rural hospitals and the billgates kushykoo marijuana vending machine.
their pipedream of living as eternal slave driving fat cats on a chip is not welcomed  by the people or the court.
i think equifax lizzy & trainwresk bernie think Spectre & Meltdown are new strains of the KryptoBud
the ACA can be repaired in just a matter or days, a 2000 year old syria cant..we say no to greed, no to HALO 2,
& no to L bill hubbard trying to live out a watchtower magazine cover in the name of prince & his last  haul...
my ruling is no to lizzy warrens dream of greedy robot children.the motion to ‘feel the bern’ is denied, counsel.
                       think about it...
   court is adjourned until march 31st, 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        when grannybot & grandma jones will announce a harsh sentence for parts of bob iger’s  disney culture.
             ( in a unified field theory )                                                                                                                                       
                        judge crabapple


  is everybody needing elizabeth warren to fight mary diane? yay?             

oh, @reuters.. i havent read your nigeria story of today (1/15/18) but the one six days ago?.. u made mr buhari into a georgia guidestoner complaining about the size of a population.. “demographics” has to do with the structure, not necessarily an influx in size.. “urban sprawl” is moving away from a centralized city.. he never said anything about population size from what i saw.. y’all mentioned population, not him..

it is in that little preface paragraph right above his picture (the UN)

ur article reminds me of the bbc’s mhz ghz kerfuffle at ItsSabadoHere




          The Gaydracula Co was voted #1 in production value & costs by The USCG,, not gates & depp 
                                     ( just pretend i dont exist, #TweetForGodot <-- disc1=2009.. )
            crooked and psychotic death hobbit depp has got to be removed from your header, iger,, ..  

i am hafiz

we’ve all heard the duquesne whistle..but it’s time for Esther Chimes

  “and...they want poe dead ..i want to help mr buhari’s debilitating ear conundrum,, thus helping nigerians “ - @DogonChef