and first off,, the bezos press (BI) includes “former richest person in the world”..

does that mean the ‘richest and former richest’ like bob dylan more than grandma jones?

     the warlock mel show has run its course . how “super excited” is bezos about that...?           syria is missing.. there’s no reason some odd tryst with a victoria’s secret super model warlock should be important

( perhaps that article should define what “rich” is.. if it thinks it should be a primarily descriptive)

  maybe it means having enough money to juggle a bunch of nonsense to.. um.. further hokeywood..

    bezos new pledge uses a lot of bob dylan’s annoying bs schemes .. including the word.. “now” ..    

  it seems to me...the ted talkin “nowist” of joi ito will get a much higher paying job w/ rivian

   ( or building some ‘unknown disease’ on his desktop genetic CRISPR factory, like a rolling stone )

        personally.. i wont leave my cherished position as an individual for 8 grand a year ..

   but if the pentagon needs the cloud service to battle  team polanski’s streaming service, ill do it for $3k , not $10b.

we’ll be done by lunch.. and the great people of earth can rejoice in having  polarization returned to its natural home on a fridge magnet

   the last thing the great people of earth need is bezos’s TeamPolanski and @MIThackMed joining forces

  if rafael reifs techno zealots want to kill me to advance the cause of bezos’s team polanski, so be it.

anybody who wants me to value a CGI image of an electric truck over everything else isnt worth worrying about..

    xbox billy knows i dont need or want to take a job as a psychiatrist for a million dollars a minute..

     & if polanski, bezos,geffen, dylan, stipe & scorsese want to continue denying the existence of my critiques

  ( we will have another fool mumbling & tripping over a loud speaker in vienna in 50 yrs .)                                          

                                                                how poetic is that ..? . it’s not..

    480,000 schoolbuses transport 26 million students a day.. bluebird corp has a market cap of $500m.

   why not buy them to make eTrucks? hm . MITnews was pitching an electric lamborghini a few yrs back.  nobody needs a 500lb bag of cat food delivered by a robot in an hour. how many kids can an electric lambo haul to school?

   xbox billy knows.. its time to unload the berkshire stock. quicker. WBs amazon bet/loss depicts a dumb investor 



      (  pssst.. )  

                did someone say the 2018 nobel prize for literature was cancelled..? hm

    hm..why have what looks to be the name of a real bank at 42nd street in a fake photo , ...      bezos buffett healthcare?

       it’s sad to see u choose TeamPolanski and their evil skrilla, WB... chocolate chip cookies & dengvaxia arent a good mix ..

The Great People of Earth arent impressed with your emmys coverage.. or business advice, @bbc

            The Great People Of Earth Say NO to The Healthcare Denying Robot Truck ..

The Great People of Earth are reclaiming their human right to pick out their own brown bananas for banana bread.